Monday, July 27, 2009

A Heart for Orphan's Heart

Maria Perez, 8, who one day would like to become a surgeon, decided to help Chinese children who needed surgery. So for her “Gotcha Day” (celebration of her adoption day), she asked family and friends for contributions to her cause. Her goal was to raise $500. She was overwhelmed with responses and the gifts that equaled over $1700!

Maria truly changed the life of a child in China. The gifts from her Gotha Day, added to other donations, helped finalize the heart operation for 18-month-old Zhi Zhou from Henan Province. The July 12 surgery repaired the Pulmonary Stenosis that was putting stress on his heart muscle.

Children’s Hope-China staff writes regarding his recovery: Zhi Zhou can now get off the bed and play with other little patients in his room. He is so cute that everyone loves him. He has brought so much fun to them so they don’t want to let him leave.

Good Job Maria!

Read about Maria and other Children’s Hope Junior Ambassadors

Zhi Zhou after surgery in July 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

India: The School Supplies Have Just Arrived!

Today, we started helping the poor students with text books, notebooks, black boards, stationary - all their schooling needs. We collected over 20,000 items. The children and the teaching staff were so very happy for this great gift.


Dear Children’s Hope Friend,

Over 7000 Indian children are receiving a free education at several Christian schools in Andhra Pradesh state. This is an education not one of them can afford. It can lift them out of a life of poverty and bring them the message of Hope.

Because of the rapidly growing number of children attending, school supplies will be a continuing area you can help.

Can you help one child from an impoverished home in India succeed at school?
$15 for two uniforms
$10 for school supplies
That total is, $25 for one child

Supply a child with the education tools she needs- click here

Watch the video of the children in school. It will make you smile:

$1 Provides Medical Care for a Child in India

Mothers lined up to have their children seen by a physician at this outdoor clinic provided by a gift from a friend of Children’s Hope. For slightly more than 1 DOLLAR per child, you can make a real difference.

Medical clinic - people lined up
From an email from Children’s Hope - India partner, Paparao:
Today, we have conducted a medical program specifically for the children. Due to heavy rains and oppressive heat, many children are getting general sickness like fever, cough, cold, body pains, asthma, etc. So, our medical team really worked well today and helped about 200 small kids.

With many kind regards,

Click here to support a one day medical clinic

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cute kid gets a permanent zipper.

“I am digging this new heart!” (that’s a shovel in his hand)

After his recent heart surgery, Yong Fu's wound is closing up nicely. Now that he is back at the orphanage, his mode is more and more upbeat everyday. Yong Fu, 18-mo-old, likes to play with his toys on the bed and is very curious. He has light CP so the nannies are working with him on his walking while trying to strengthen his muscles.

Yong Fu had a condition called Tetralogy of Fallot, which causes poor blood oxygen flow in the heart. On May 20, the surgery was completed to correct this by sewing-up the hole in his heart.

Each year, Children’s Hope helps hundreds of people like you provide a heart surgery to an orphan or a child from an impoverished home in China.

Help fix a broken heart (click here)
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