Monday, July 27, 2009

A Heart for Orphan's Heart

Maria Perez, 8, who one day would like to become a surgeon, decided to help Chinese children who needed surgery. So for her “Gotcha Day” (celebration of her adoption day), she asked family and friends for contributions to her cause. Her goal was to raise $500. She was overwhelmed with responses and the gifts that equaled over $1700!

Maria truly changed the life of a child in China. The gifts from her Gotha Day, added to other donations, helped finalize the heart operation for 18-month-old Zhi Zhou from Henan Province. The July 12 surgery repaired the Pulmonary Stenosis that was putting stress on his heart muscle.

Children’s Hope-China staff writes regarding his recovery: Zhi Zhou can now get off the bed and play with other little patients in his room. He is so cute that everyone loves him. He has brought so much fun to them so they don’t want to let him leave.

Good Job Maria!

Read about Maria and other Children’s Hope Junior Ambassadors

Zhi Zhou after surgery in July 2009
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