Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cute new photos from the Children's Hope Beijing Surgical Care Home.

CHI Beijing Care Home

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ethiopia: Construction of School’s Mini Farm Can Now Begin

The Bright Hope School Garden project in Ethiopia, which will create a self sustaining chicken hatchery and vegetable garden within the grounds of a school for impoverished children, got its final approval yesterday. The Garden project has been in limbo for the past five months awaiting this final go ahead from officials at five different government bureaus in Addis Ababa.
Tsegay Fesseha, Children's Hope Ethiopia Director (L), and Dr. Solomon, Bureau of Finance and Development Social and NGO's Affairs Coordinator

Boring, of the desperately needed water well for the school, of over 2000 students, will start immediately. Construction of the chicken coops, equipment buildings and the 1.5 acre vegetable garden will begin shortly after the well work is complete.

Pick up a hoe and join the Bright Hope Garden Team

Read more about the Bright Hope School Garden

Monday, August 24, 2009

Well #68 for India

600 more families in Southeast India now have safe drinking water.

Less than $1/family helped, bores a well in India

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ending Poverty, Starts with School

Ethiopian children in the Children’s Hope Sponsorship program were filling up their new backpacks with supplies, as the beginning of school approaches. Each child received 10 academic exercise books with pens and pencils to go in their new book bags.

Sponsor a child in Ethiopia

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vietnam- New School Year

Children in the child sponsorship program in Vinh Long Vietnam received additional education support as a new school year begins. Each of the 142 children received one set of text books and several academic exercise work-books. This will give the children additional training in math, English, physics and chemistry.

You can help keep these kids in school by becoming a Partner in Vietnam

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Water Well for Ethiopian Children May Soon Have Government Approval

Children’s Hope staff is hopeful that safe fresh drinking water will be flowing soon for the Bright Hope School in Ethiopia. The approval of a well to water the crops and chickens for the self sustaining mini-farm proposed for the school in Addis Ababa is running a five month bureaucratic course. Several different government agencies were required to review and then approve the overall plan that will create an oasis of hope at the school of 2100 children who have lost at least one parent to AIDS or Leprosy. It appears this process is wrapping up.

The streets outside Bright Hope School

Fresh vegetables, eggs and chickens as well as safe cool water to drink are all but impossible to find in this forgotten community on the western edge of the city. Several churches and individuals have committed to help complete the $100,000 project. The children will not only be healthier, they will learn skills helping tend the garden and chicken hatchery.

“No one has ever helped us like this before,” a Bright Hope school official said.

You can help with the Rooster House and Garden.
Read more about the Bright Hope Garden: Bright Hope Garden PDF

Give a Gift now to Bright Hope

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Street children in Kakinada, India with new tooth paste and brushes

Orphan Tree of Hope

We are signing up Churches and community groups to bring a smile to a child by displaying an Orphan Tree of Hope .

2009 Orphan Tree of Hope Projects

All Countries- Gifts for orphans

China- Surgery for orphans and impoverished children

India- a) Food/ clothing for street children b) medical clinics c) Fresh Water Well

Ethiopia- a) Chickens & feed b) Food and Shoes for Ethiopian orphans

Vietnam- a) School Supplies (uniforms and books) b) Extra meal project

Contact to get started:
Michelle Wehde Howdeshell
Director of Church and Community Development
Children's Hope International
314-812-1746 or 636-379-3361

Monday, August 3, 2009

Gushing Well Water

Today we received some wonderful photos from India. These are of five fresh water wells (#62 - #66) that were bored over the past week in Indian villages. (That’s six we got in today if the school well is included).

Here is one in a Leprosy colony that will be the water source for 200 families.
Paparao in India writes:
Since the people suffering from leprosy are separated from the general population, they have trouble getting even one pot of drinking water. The people out side of this leper colony are not allowing the lepers to take water from their wells. So, with your kind help, I bore a separate well for the leper patients. They are so happy and very thankful to you for your kind help.

2300 families served by these five new wells

You Can build a well for the families of a village

Candy Water

One of our loyal corporate sponsors, Candy Craze, turned candy into fresh sweet water for students in India. This month, the sale of their take-out boxes full of treats, also helped purchase school supplies for some of those same students.

You too can build a well for less than $600
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