Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ethiopia: Construction of School’s Mini Farm Can Now Begin

The Bright Hope School Garden project in Ethiopia, which will create a self sustaining chicken hatchery and vegetable garden within the grounds of a school for impoverished children, got its final approval yesterday. The Garden project has been in limbo for the past five months awaiting this final go ahead from officials at five different government bureaus in Addis Ababa.
Tsegay Fesseha, Children's Hope Ethiopia Director (L), and Dr. Solomon, Bureau of Finance and Development Social and NGO's Affairs Coordinator

Boring, of the desperately needed water well for the school, of over 2000 students, will start immediately. Construction of the chicken coops, equipment buildings and the 1.5 acre vegetable garden will begin shortly after the well work is complete.

Pick up a hoe and join the Bright Hope Garden Team

Read more about the Bright Hope School Garden
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