Monday, August 3, 2009

Gushing Well Water

Today we received some wonderful photos from India. These are of five fresh water wells (#62 - #66) that were bored over the past week in Indian villages. (That’s six we got in today if the school well is included).

Here is one in a Leprosy colony that will be the water source for 200 families.
Paparao in India writes:
Since the people suffering from leprosy are separated from the general population, they have trouble getting even one pot of drinking water. The people out side of this leper colony are not allowing the lepers to take water from their wells. So, with your kind help, I bore a separate well for the leper patients. They are so happy and very thankful to you for your kind help.

2300 families served by these five new wells

You Can build a well for the families of a village
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