Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Water Well for Ethiopian Children May Soon Have Government Approval

Children’s Hope staff is hopeful that safe fresh drinking water will be flowing soon for the Bright Hope School in Ethiopia. The approval of a well to water the crops and chickens for the self sustaining mini-farm proposed for the school in Addis Ababa is running a five month bureaucratic course. Several different government agencies were required to review and then approve the overall plan that will create an oasis of hope at the school of 2100 children who have lost at least one parent to AIDS or Leprosy. It appears this process is wrapping up.

The streets outside Bright Hope School

Fresh vegetables, eggs and chickens as well as safe cool water to drink are all but impossible to find in this forgotten community on the western edge of the city. Several churches and individuals have committed to help complete the $100,000 project. The children will not only be healthier, they will learn skills helping tend the garden and chicken hatchery.

“No one has ever helped us like this before,” a Bright Hope school official said.

You can help with the Rooster House and Garden.
Read more about the Bright Hope Garden: Bright Hope Garden PDF

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