Thursday, September 10, 2009

Less than $2 per Patient

One of the most effective and satisfying projects for Children’s Hope India partners, is the mobile medical clinic. They set up in an area with no available medical care and watch mothers, with their children, quickly line-up to be seen by a doctor. Medicines are dispersed and even IVs given to those too weak to stand in line.

“Today CHI-India conducted a medical program where nearly 150 children received free medicine and treatment. In the villages, especially in the fishing villages, the children are suffering with many kinds of health problems. As I go to the streets, rural areas very often, I see their difficulties with their health,” said Paparao Yeluchuri.
A mobile medical clinic, like this one held in late August, is made possible for less than $2 per patient.

Your gift to a village medical clinic
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