Monday, October 12, 2009

Coffee Time in Ethiopia with Hurting Families

If traveling north to Mekele by car, it would take you two days of hard driving.
The road follows a mountain chain the entire route between the two cities, so it is switch backs for hours on highways that sometimes are only gravel. Fortunately it was only a 50 minute flight for me.

As soon as I arrived early on Tuesday, the Children’s Hope child sponsorship coordinator for the Tigre region loaded me into a covered motorcycle taxi called a “By-Judge” (phonetic spelling of course).We visited the homes of six families who are in desperate situations. All were so gracious and giving. At the 10 x 10 home of a single young mom with four children, the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony was served. She has absolutely nothing, but with the help of her neighbor, we enjoyed popcorn and freshly ground coffee roasted over an open flame inside the small house.

The photo of the little boy is chilling. It is of 6-year-old Andoni inside his cinder block home with a tin front door. He lives with his three sisters and his disabled father. They live off around $42/month. Andoni is hurting. He needs Hope.
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