Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Ethiopia Travel Hurdle Complete!

Oct 6, 2009

We received grace at the very beginning of the trip to Ethiopia. As I lugged my three duffel bags up to the check-in window, I immediately hit a snag with the 130 soccer uniforms making it to the street kids in Ethiopia. The check-in agent would not accept my notarized letter stating that the extra luggage was for humanitarian purposes. In order to add one bag to my allotted two bags, the agent told me matter-of-factly, that without an official corporate letter, I must pay $250.I was willing to do that but I was greatly disappointed. She seemed to instantly soften while she came up with a plan for me. She said she would let me on with two overweight bags, if I could combine all three bags into two bags 70 pounds or less each. My wife and I quickly extracted the vacuum packed jerseys, shorts and socks from one bag and wedged them on top of the uniforms (and my clothes) in the other two bags. We did it! Two overstuffed bags weighing around 65 pounds a piece. That is over 100 pounds of soccer heaven for the kiddos.

Thank you Lord, for getting all the uniforms on my flight to Addis Ababa for free. Now pray that customs in Ethiopia doesn’t think I am going to sell the new uniforms in the market so I can make the delivery to the church with the soccer club outreach to street children.
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