Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ethiopia: Bright Hope School Sign Man

Using felt pens and makers, Mengstu makes all the instructional visual aids for Bright Hope (Biruh Tesfa) School. Maps of the world, periodic tables, biology models and alphabet quiz cards all originate in Mengstu’s studio.

Exceptional staff and teachers at Bright Hope are doing all they can to help lift the 2100 students kids out of a desperate life style. The hunger from a lack of nutritional foods and fresh water hinder the children’s education.

The Bright Hope Garden Project is a group of churches, organizations and individuals coming together to help build a self sustaining mini-farm at the school. At completion the children will be provided safe drinking water and protein in their diet from chickens and eggs as well as vitamin packed vegetables.

Come join the Bright Hope Project

Come join the Bright Hope Project
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