Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ethiopia: Bright Hope School Visit

Cory in Addis Ababa
The kids of Bright Hope lifted my heart today. Class after class that I visited was so welcoming and respectful. Two of the classes sang songs to me with such gusto; their combined voices buried my video camera’s audio meter. (I hope to show you part of that video as soon as I travel away from dial-up internet).

The reality of their lives, however, broke my heart. These 2100 children come from a community that grew up around a leprosy hospital. For decades families suffering from leprosy have immigrated from all over Ethiopia to this slum, on the western edge of Addis Ababa, to seek treatment.

Many of the children don’t even get one meal a day. Some even head to the nearby dump at lunch time to scavenge for a scrap of food. The Bright Hope School Garden project will give these kids a chance. They are already receiving a fabulous education but hungry tummies have a hard time learning.

The garden and chicken hatchery will provide these kids with at least one highly nutritious meal of protein and vegetables everyday. The well will give them water to drink at school and at home. After what I saw today, I can not implore you enough to help finalize the Bright Hope Garden Project.

I want to give a gift to Bright Hope
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