Friday, October 16, 2009

India’s Children from Poor Fishing Families Receive Medical Care and Education

After last evenings feeding program at a fishing village north of Kakinada, our partners in India, Mission to the Nations, kept me busy all day today. We first went to visit two of the 15 schools run for the 7000 children, from impoverished homes, who would not receive an education without this opportunity. Many donors have given in the past year to supply these children with books, notebooks and slates. Also, a number of these children are in the sponsorship program so their uniforms and funding for their education is provided.

The homes these children come from are extremely impoverished. I saw their neighborhoods when we visited the New Life orphanage and when the MTN staff held a mobile medical clinic for 150 people this evening.

The poorest of the poor in this area are fishing families. Those are the ones you see in line with their children to be examined by the doctor. A day out in the Bay of Bengal, on most days, does not provide much more than food for these families. On a good day, the fishermen can sell some of their catch. On a bad day, the children don’t eat. Even those good days don’t provide much.
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