Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Northern Ethiopia: Mekele Mom Wants to See Her Daughter Run Again

Berhan Yohannce sells apples by the side of the rocky road down from her house.
Her husband died from AIDS leaving her with no support to raise her two children.
So she does what she can.

Now Berhan’s 11-year old daughter, Mehret, has developed a malady that is attacking the muscles in her left leg. Walking is becoming more and more difficult. Doctors in Mekele, Ethiopia tell Berhan that successful treatment is only possible if she takes her daughter to a hospital in Addis Ababa. Living on the income from selling apples will not provide near enough for the two day bus trip and lodging in the capital city, let alone the hospital examination and treatment. Let’s make sure Mehret can walk and run again.

Give Now to help Mehret (designate “Mehret’s medical fund” with your gift)
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