Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ethiopia: Water is Now Flowing at Bright Hope School

For years, the 2100 students at Bright Hope School went all day with no fresh water to drink: Yesterday that all changed. Water came flowing out of the ground as the drilling rig hit drinkable water at 80 meters below the school property.

“The Bright Hope director was crying in joy when she saw water coming out from the ground”, said Tsegay Fesseha, Children’s Hope-Ethiopia Director.

Enjoying this much anticipated moment, were the members of a work detail from Harvest Church of Billings Montana. The Harvest team is at Bright Hope this week reconstructing the front gate wall that leads into the school grounds. Bright Hope community volunteers are assisting with this tough manual labor needed in order to complete the job by the end of the week.

The well is the first project of the Bright Hope School Garden Project. With water soon to be available, the chicken hatchery buildings and the vegetable garden cultivation can begin.
This self sustaining mini-farm will provide nutritious meals of protein and vegetables for the students who all come from impoverished homes.

You can be a Bright Hope School Partner

Read more about the Bright Hope Garden Project
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