Friday, January 29, 2010

China: Badly Burned 2-year-old Making Progress

In a quick rush of flames, 2-year-old Zhang Ying was no longer comfortably sitting on a hay stack - she was engulfed in fire. Her mother, who had stepped into their home only moments before, came running to Ying’s rescue when alerted by the young girl’s screams. Ying was saved but she was badly burned. Her legs, her bottom, her entire left side all the way up the back of her head have 3rd degree burns.

Since that horrible October day, the Zhang family has sold everything they own to pay for treatment. Poor famers who had to sell their house and their land but they still owe thousands of dollars.

Children’s Hope partners who heard of Ying’s story are now helping the family and improving the care Ying is receiving. In late December, Ying was brought to Beijing from Henan Province to be treated at the China Air Force Hospital. Since then she has had one skin graft and treatment for infections. She still can’t move her lower body but she can now sit and slowly walk. Although her right arm is still attached to her underarm due to the searing heat of the fire, on January 22, she sat-up to eat her favorite food- corn on the cob.

If you would like to help the Zhang family, type "Zhang Ying" in the additional information box of the Give Now page.

Children’s Hope will be assisting two other children this spring travel for advanced treatment at Shriners Burn Hospital in Boston. If you would like to assist parents and caregivers with their lodging expenses, type “Burned Children’s Fund” in the additional information box of the Give Now page.

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