Monday, February 15, 2010

First 8 Wells of 2010 Bring Thousands in India Safe Water

Another six water wells were bored last week in India. With the two wells completed in January, there are now eight water wells, numbers 82 to 89, serving villages in India. That is over 10,000 people who now have safe, clean drinking water because of the generous year end gifts to Children’s Hope.

Prior to receiving the new wells, all the villagers were using watering holes that contain water unfit for human consumption. A variety of sicknesses created by putrid water made life even more challenging for these impoverished people. You can get a feel for the impact of these wells on the daily lives of these villagers by watching this 60 second video. What a difference is made for only $650 per well.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Water is Flowing and the Walls are Rising at Bright Hope

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia- You can almost hear the chicks chirping, as the first wall was erected last week for the Bright Hope School chicken hatchery. The hatchery will consist of a hen house, laying house and a rooster house as well as outbuildings for supplies. Several members of the Life Bridge Church in Florida were able to assist with some of the chicken house construction.

Meanwhile, the water system for the hatchery, vegetable garden and drinking water for the kids is complete. A large storage tank along with yards of supply pipes have been added to the well that was drilled in late October. The 2100 Bright Hope students now have safe fresh water flowing, from multiple spigots, for the first time in four years. Many of the children will fill up containers to take home at night.

You can help build the self sustaining mini farm for the Bright Hope School Garden. Most of the 2100 students have at least one parent who has died from leprosy or AIDS.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

CHI’s Melody Zhang Gives Long Range Perspective for Haiti Earthquake Relief Workers and on Caring for Earthquake Orphans

Melody Zhang, Children’s Hope Beijing Director, tells listeners of a national NPR show, that the earthquake in Haiti brought back sobering images from her relief work in the 2008 China earthquake. She said the Chinese victims continue rebuilding and recovering emotionally even two years after the quake that killed over 80,000 people. Children’s Hope still has six staff members in Sichuan counseling grieving earthquake victims.
Listen (Melody is at the beginning and the then again the latter half of the show)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

85 Orphans Sleeping on Grass; Leogane, Haiti 90% Destroyed

International Crisis Aid
will be on
National Public Radio Today

"All Things Considered"
Tuesday, February 2, 2010
4:30pm ET,
3:30 CST & 5:30 CST

Listen live on

NPR reporter walked through rubble and distributed aid in Haiti along with ICA President Pat Bradley and Team.

As international aid trickles into Haiti's devastated Port au Prince, nearby rural areas have still received little attention. In Leogane, less than 20 miles west of the Haitian capital, Children's Hope's partner - International Crisis Aid (ICA) - has found immediate and urgent needs for 85 orphaned children.

ICA is a trusted organization and valued partner and "can make 50 cents into a dollar's worth of relief," says Dwyatt Gantt of Children's Hope; they have great impact no matter the amount of funds available.

100% of what you give will sent directly to the point of need in Haiti.

See updates from the ground in Haiti, from ICA.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Missouri Kids Give Indian Children Safe Water


This morning, we were at Immaculate Conception School in Old Monroe, Missouri, where the kids raised $1400 to bore 2+ fresh water wells in India.

We showed them the video above that Cory shot last October in Kakinada. It contrasts Indian villagers who share their water with cattle and trash to villagers who were given a fresh, safe drinking water well. Estimates of around 4000 children die per day from drinking rancid water. For only $650, hundreds of kids can have safe water to drink.

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