Monday, February 8, 2010

The Water is Flowing and the Walls are Rising at Bright Hope

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia- You can almost hear the chicks chirping, as the first wall was erected last week for the Bright Hope School chicken hatchery. The hatchery will consist of a hen house, laying house and a rooster house as well as outbuildings for supplies. Several members of the Life Bridge Church in Florida were able to assist with some of the chicken house construction.

Meanwhile, the water system for the hatchery, vegetable garden and drinking water for the kids is complete. A large storage tank along with yards of supply pipes have been added to the well that was drilled in late October. The 2100 Bright Hope students now have safe fresh water flowing, from multiple spigots, for the first time in four years. Many of the children will fill up containers to take home at night.

You can help build the self sustaining mini farm for the Bright Hope School Garden. Most of the 2100 students have at least one parent who has died from leprosy or AIDS.

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