Tuesday, April 27, 2010

India: Dinner for Hungry Children

In a poor fishing village, children line-up for a warm meal of upma. This photo was taken last week, showing one of the feeding stations that are set up twice a day in either one of the local villages or the slums in the city.

$50 pays for one feeding station

Monday, April 26, 2010

China Earthquake: Additional Supplies Needed for Orphans

Melody Zhang Reports: The Yushu Orphan School still needs some supplies; 4 gas ranges, 5 generators, 4 kitchen knives, 250 bowls, several flashlights, 2 washing machines, some shampoo, some bath foam, some disinfectant, some socks and sweaters to keep children warm. Because the items can’t be purchased in the earthquake zone, volunteers in Beijing purchased many of the smaller supplies. A volunteer took a flight to Xining late Friday with over 200 boxes. Arrangements were made to have vehicles pick up the supplies from the Xining airport for transportation to Yushu Orphan School.

On Tuesday, Melody's team, along with the Angel Mother Foundation, delivered relief supplies from a 5-ton truck. There was one ton of formula, clothes, blankets and medical supplies along with 70 large boxes of winter down coats

Give to the China Earthquake Relief

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Marathon of the Heart

In memory of her sister who passed away one year ago, Jennifer Cochran ran in her first marathon. To give her run even more purpose, Jennifer started a fund for a little boy in China who needs heart surgery. She raised more than $3000 from 70 donations to her personal Hope Net Fund for Li Ji Peng. Before she even edged her way to the starting line of the 2010 St. Louis Marathon, she met her goal for donations for Li Ji Peng. She also met her time goal when she crossed the finish line. Congratulations Jennifer!
We are less than half way to the $30,000 needed for Li Ji Peng’s heart surgery. Donate here to China-Medical- Li Ji Peng

Friday, April 23, 2010

Children’s Hope Receives Award for Years of Support of Vietnamese AIDS orphanage

The name changes but the work remains the same at Tam Binh #2 in Vietnam. This is the Ho Chi Minh City orphanage that cares for children who have HIV and AIDS. At a ceremony attended by city officials, Tam Binh #2 was officially named the Linh Xuan Nourish and Sponsor Children Center.

Also during the ceremony, Children’s Hope International was honored for a lengthy, caring relationship with the orphanage. The People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City gave CHI’s representative, Thuy Nguyen Thon Thi Diem (on right), a certificate of merit for over eight years of support. For several years, Children’s Hope Partners have provided the children one additional meal per day as well as life saving medications and dozens of quality cribs.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

China: Melody and Supplies Arrive at Earthquake

Report from Melody: The once prosperous town of Yushu has been turned into piles of debris. When arriving on Tuesday, it took our team about a half an hour to find Yushu Orphan School. The headmaster Ni Ma Ren Zeng and all the 200 students are safe following the earthquake. The children and staff helped us unload the relief supplies from the 5-ton truck. In addition to the one ton of formula, clothes, blankets and medical supplies; there were 70 large boxes with winter down coats from the Angel Mother Foundation. This will keep everyone warm during the sub freezing nights at the nearly 13,000 feet in altitude location.

Give to the China Earthquake Relief

Monday, April 19, 2010

China: Earthquake Relief at 13,000 Feet

After arriving in Xining from Beijing late Saturday night, Melody Zhang is now on a 20 hour caravan trip to the Earthquake devastated city of Yushu. She has teamed up with several relief agencies, some she had worked with in the 2008 Earthquake, to deliver the 750 pounds of medical supplies, food and blankets that Children’s Hope will give to the 200 orphans at the Yushu Orphan School. It is expected to snow today in Yushu, so the children desperately need warm blankets.

Relief workers will not only have to be prepared for the cold in Yushu, the altitude at over 13,000 will make work extremely hazardous. Melody’s caravan is also delivering oxygen supplies for relief workers.

“Foundation for Poverty Alleviation will build 15 more oxygen stations; each station will be equipped with 60 oxygen machines. They are giving Children’s Hope an oxygen machine to ensure we are safe while we try and assist orphanages,” said Melody Zhang, Children’s Hope- China.

On Sunday, Melody met children who have been brought from Yushu to Xining for medical treatment. She took this photo of a 10-month-old Tibetan boy who was the only survivor from a collapsed hotel. He has an injured back. Melody says she will work with Angel Moms to get children to Beijing hospitals if their injuries require a higher level care than what is available in Xining. It is estimated that as many as 2,000 people have already died in the earthquake.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Melody Zhang Again Leads a Team To Help Chinese Earthquake Orphans

Melody Zhang, Children's Hope- Beijing Director, and a team of volunteers will use their experience from the Sichuan earthquake two years ago, to help the victims of this week’s earthquake in Western China. The team leaves tomorrow morning for Xining with 350 radios, 200 blankets and 10 boxes of medical supplies. Once there, Melody will go directly to the Yushu Orphan School, where the 200 orphans are safe but the building is destroyed. Melody will be reporting back on the immediate needs of this community. Right now, blankets are the item that is most needed, since in this high altitude location (over 13,000 feet), night time lows are still in the teens (F).

Donate to the China Earthquake fund so Melody can purchase what is needed to care for these young victims.

Orphans Arrive in Beijing for Surgery

These three orphans from Kaifeng are in good hands. The three traveled by train yesterday, escorted by orphanage staff from Henan Province, to be brought to Beijing 309 Hospital for difficult cleft lip/palate surgeries.

You can donate to Medical Projects in China

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ethiopia: Progress at Self Sustaining Mini Farm for School in Slums

Today, three very nice donations were sent to Children’s Hope-Ethiopia. These funds will finalize the funding for the two garden plots and allow the Bright Hope project coordinator to purchase all the materials needed for the work teams headed to Addis Ababa in May. A total of 16 people from Harvest and Journey churches in Montana will be working on a 200 meter section of the protective wall (more than two football fields long).

Tsegay reports on the progress: The protective wall - phase 2 has started. Members of the community are now digging the foundation. The chicken hatchery is 90% complete. We still have to hang doors and complete the wiring for the ventilation system. The fencing materials for the two garden plots have been purchased, and the ground is being prepared for the planting of vegetables.

Give to the Bright Hope School Project

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

India: Feeding Hundreds of Children Everyday

The kids in this poor fishing village are lining up for dinner. Rotating between various slums and villages, upma is served to the street children twice a day. Upma is made from parts of the rice and wheat grain; adding onions, peanuts and spices, it makes a hot nutritious meal for the kids. The 65 pounds of steaming upma can be made for around $50 and feeds 150 children.

Donate to Feed Hungry Children

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