Monday, April 19, 2010

China: Earthquake Relief at 13,000 Feet

After arriving in Xining from Beijing late Saturday night, Melody Zhang is now on a 20 hour caravan trip to the Earthquake devastated city of Yushu. She has teamed up with several relief agencies, some she had worked with in the 2008 Earthquake, to deliver the 750 pounds of medical supplies, food and blankets that Children’s Hope will give to the 200 orphans at the Yushu Orphan School. It is expected to snow today in Yushu, so the children desperately need warm blankets.

Relief workers will not only have to be prepared for the cold in Yushu, the altitude at over 13,000 will make work extremely hazardous. Melody’s caravan is also delivering oxygen supplies for relief workers.

“Foundation for Poverty Alleviation will build 15 more oxygen stations; each station will be equipped with 60 oxygen machines. They are giving Children’s Hope an oxygen machine to ensure we are safe while we try and assist orphanages,” said Melody Zhang, Children’s Hope- China.

On Sunday, Melody met children who have been brought from Yushu to Xining for medical treatment. She took this photo of a 10-month-old Tibetan boy who was the only survivor from a collapsed hotel. He has an injured back. Melody says she will work with Angel Moms to get children to Beijing hospitals if their injuries require a higher level care than what is available in Xining. It is estimated that as many as 2,000 people have already died in the earthquake.
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