Monday, April 26, 2010

China Earthquake: Additional Supplies Needed for Orphans

Melody Zhang Reports: The Yushu Orphan School still needs some supplies; 4 gas ranges, 5 generators, 4 kitchen knives, 250 bowls, several flashlights, 2 washing machines, some shampoo, some bath foam, some disinfectant, some socks and sweaters to keep children warm. Because the items can’t be purchased in the earthquake zone, volunteers in Beijing purchased many of the smaller supplies. A volunteer took a flight to Xining late Friday with over 200 boxes. Arrangements were made to have vehicles pick up the supplies from the Xining airport for transportation to Yushu Orphan School.

On Tuesday, Melody's team, along with the Angel Mother Foundation, delivered relief supplies from a 5-ton truck. There was one ton of formula, clothes, blankets and medical supplies along with 70 large boxes of winter down coats

Give to the China Earthquake Relief
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