Friday, April 16, 2010

Melody Zhang Again Leads a Team To Help Chinese Earthquake Orphans

Melody Zhang, Children's Hope- Beijing Director, and a team of volunteers will use their experience from the Sichuan earthquake two years ago, to help the victims of this week’s earthquake in Western China. The team leaves tomorrow morning for Xining with 350 radios, 200 blankets and 10 boxes of medical supplies. Once there, Melody will go directly to the Yushu Orphan School, where the 200 orphans are safe but the building is destroyed. Melody will be reporting back on the immediate needs of this community. Right now, blankets are the item that is most needed, since in this high altitude location (over 13,000 feet), night time lows are still in the teens (F).

Donate to the China Earthquake fund so Melody can purchase what is needed to care for these young victims.
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