Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Look at Your Ethiopian Garden Grow!

Over the past two months at Bright Hope School, the garden plots where cultivated, planted and prayed over. Now the sprouts are up and it won’t be long before the 2100 students will be eating fresh vegetables.

Give to the Bright Hope School mini-farm project

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Warm and Snug in Ethiopia

Babies at the Numan Orphanage are warm at night in their new cribs with new blankets and bedding provided by the donors to the Numan Wish List Fund.

The most common struggle for Ethiopian orphanages right now, is being able to afford the high cost of baby formula.

You can help buy baby formula!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hunger Pangs in India

Feeding program held on Saturday fed nearly 170 street children in eastern Indian village. The nutritious hot upma contains rice grains, onion, peanuts and spices.

$30 pays for one feeding station: Type in, “street children”

Monday, July 12, 2010

10K Scramble for Ethiopia

Early on Saturday morning, over 300 Runners hit the streets of Bozeman, Montana, to help the kids of Bright Hope School. You can watch a local TV station’s coverage of the event. The story includes an interview with Kate Townley, who was not only one of the race organizers, she spent a week in May with a team from Journey Church, at Bright Hope School, helping construct the school's protective wall. Proceeds of the race will go to the self sustaining Bright Hope Garden Project which will improve the nutritional needs of the 2100 students from this community ravaged by AIDS and Leprosy.

Watch the Bright Hope 10K Scramble as seen on local TV news(Note: The story incorrectly reports that the water will soon be flowing, where as the water well has been operational since early in the year)

Bright Hope School Project update


The main chicken house structure is complete but we are still waiting on the shipment of the laying cages. Those are expected to arrive soon. Once the cages are in place, dozens of chickens, that are around 3 months old, will be purchased. The purchase of slightly more mature hens is to help increase the initial survivability of the flock. About six to eight weeks after the chickens arrive; the hens will be old enough to start laying eggs. Hello Egg McMuffins!

Also, the chicken hatchery storage building and guard house are complete. In addition, a lengthy stretch of water pipes were laid from the new water well, in the front of the property, all the way down to the chicken hatchery, on the back side of the property, to provide water for the chickens.

The Garden plots:

The land for the first vegetable garden plot, in the three acre open area in front of the large school building, is prepared and seeded in advance of the rainy season. The second garden plot, on the other side of the school buildings, is being completed now. Fencing to protect the two gardens is being erected to protect the young sprouts.

Security Wall:

The front wall, along with the entrance gate, is complete. The second phase of the wall construction, which the Harvest and Journey churches were working on, now reaches all the way to the back corner of the property. Some more wall height is currently being added to this section.

What's left to do? From that rear corner, winding back to the other side of the completed front wall is around 300 to 400 meters. This leaves a little over half of the wall project remaining to encircle the entire 13 acre property. This is a HUGE job. With material costs increasing (especially cement) and the intense labor in constructing the wall, this portion of the Bright Hope project will have to continue several months after the chickens are clucking and the vegetables are cooking in a pot.

Give here to the Bright Hope project
Journey Church work team posing on the section of the wall they had worked.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Indian School Bus will Roll Soon

We are so excited to share with you that the final donations came in yesterday to buy the 40 seat school bus for the students in India.

In response to the news of the bus, Paparao in India sent us an email in all caps:

The new school bus will pick up the children from the impoverished fishing villages to assure they get to school. Many of these children can’t make the long walk to school during the terrible down-pours of the Monsoon season. They miss out on valuable weeks of school.

Thank you to all who prayed and gave to the India bus project.

Give to Education on India

Thursday, July 1, 2010

25 wells in First Half of 2010

When well #106 was completed for BreakDown STL, it marked the 25th well completed this year. Hundreds of people in the Parlo Ellage slum in India now have safe drinking water. Along with well #106, two other wells were bored last week adding to the thousands of villagers, who this year, now have freedom from their old contaminated water source.

A whole community receives disease free water for only $650 per well. You can deliver fresh water Now!
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