Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Shop to Call His Own

Microloans helping preserve a family

For Habtom, 34, this is a day he again can feel proud. Along with his son, he is standing in front of his new shop where he sells candy, soda, fruit drinks and various household products. Children's Hope was able to loan Habtom the money he needed to purchase the container store and his inventory so he could again provide for his family.

After fleeing the war in their home country of Eritrea, Habtom's family was living in abject poverty in northern Ethiopia. Employment opportunities were nonexistent for Habtom and his wife, because both are blind. He owned a retail shop back in Eritrea but did not have the resources to purchase a shop in Ethiopia. But now, he has his shop and a new start.

Give to Family Preservation in Ethiopia
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