Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Clean Clothes Bring a Chill to Inner Mongolia

Wearing damp clothes during an Inner Mongolian winter is far from comfortable for the orphans at ChiFeng Orphanage, but to wear clean clothes means to put them on a little wet. This orphanage of over 50 children with special needs has no clothes dryer. Also the washer is far too small for all the laundry, so the staff must wash most of the children’s clothing by hand. It is then hung to partially dry in any available out of the way space in the orphanage. It’s a time consuming task and all too often a chilling process for the children. Help us purchase the proper laundry equipment for these 50 Chinese orphans. Large washer-dryer combo unit will cost about $10,000 with transportation expenses.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bright Hope Harvest

Two students at Bright Hope School in Ethiopia hold up part of a harvest of carrots. The vegetable gardens planted in mid-summer on the school grounds are going to help increase the daily nutrition of students. The 500 laying hens are also now delivering a daily egg harvest. Most of the 2100 children at Bright Hope have lost one or both parents to leprosy and AIDS.

Give to the Bright Hope Garden Project

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

After School Help

These northern Ethiopian children are receiving additional assistance with their studies through a Children's Hope tutorial program. All the kids come from struggling homes in the city of Mekele. Our Ethiopian Family Preservation project is providing love and support to help single mothers hold onto their families.

Give to Ethiopian Family Preservation

Monday, October 4, 2010

India: Women Sewing to Financial Independence

For the 50 women enrolled in this year’s seamstress training classes in India, successful completion of the course can mean financial independence and higher self-image. All of them are working hard to obtain an honorable occupation to help feed and educate their children. The nine month course will give the women the skills they need to start their own in-home business. Once the course is completed, the graduates are given a sewing machine, start-up fabric and sewing supplies.

You can help with the purchase of a sewing machine, sewing supplies or provide for a woman’s tuition.

Give to the Indian Mothers' Sewing Project
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