Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dwyatt's Favorite Causes: China Travels 2010

Executive Director Dwyatt Gantt recently spent two months in China, touched by the drama of love and compassion by people who have nothing but are giving everything. Out of his experience, two causes championed his heart as worthy causes.

Give to Mrs. Ma's cause and make it
a warm winter for children receiving
 cerebral palsy therapy.


When we lost our way a few times, a call to the valiant Mrs. Ma rescued us and we found her waiting at her center for children who have cerebral palsy, which is housed in an L-shaped dilapidated building in the middle of a weedy lot, behind other buildings trying to keep up their appearances but marked with neglect.
To meet Mrs. Ma is to forget all that. She was dressed simply, without make-up or distinguishing hairstyle, but the quiet passion of her heart and mission made me feel I was in the midst of greatness.
     Click here to read more…

Give to the Four Sisters cause and fill
 in the gap between fees and running
 a home for needy children.


We found the general area of our destination—a home founded by four biological sisters. A call brought one of the sisters to find us and she directed us to the correct street. We traveled a narrow walking lane and then up a flight of stairs to a two story townhome—simple but shining clean.

The beauty of the home mirrored the spirits of those four sisters and those who loved and cared… Click here to read a love story…
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