Thursday, December 29, 2011

Piggy Bank for Orphans

This humbling example of selfless giving, is a note that accompanied
a $94.25 donation from eight children ages 4-to-11.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Merry Christmas!

 In the slums of Kakinada, some of the 5000 children
who are helped by Children’s Hope - India Partners in Hope.
Many of these children are the first in their families to go to school.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Kids Drink Safe Water From New Well

With mothers and their children gathered around, our 38th water well of the year was dedicated in India. The 1400 residents of the village of Gaddipadu now have fresh water to drink. Even though Children’s Hope donors have funded 72 wells over the past 23 months, there are still over 200 villages on the east-central coast of India that are requesting wells.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Expanding Beijing Orphan Care Home

Orphaned children who need surgery, recovering from surgery, or
who need special therapy receive loving care at Alenah's Home.
More orphaned Chinese children will soon have a loving place in Beijing to recover from surgeries. Construction to double the size of  Alenah's Home began this week. Workers are rehabbing and then merging the house next door to the current Children's Hope post-surgical home. Once completed, the two yards will be connected, while bed rooms and therapy areas will be separate. We'll be able to care for over 30 children and have rooms for care givers as well as short-term volunteers.

You Can Give toward Alenah's Home every day needs of formula and medicines.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Baby Formula for Ethiopian Orphans

Children’s Hope-Ethiopia delivered much needed formula to orphaned babies at two orphanages. It is a sizable challenge for orphanage directors to have enough funds to buy all the baby formula they need to properly feed the children.
Over a three month period, Children’s Hope purchased 648 cans (14oz each) of Bebelac baby formula to distribute to both Numan and Betezata orphanages. There are now 15 babies at Betezata and 16 babies at Numan drinking all they need of this special formula.

Thank you for giving these babies a chance to get fat and healthy.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Christmas Ornaments help Orphans

With a precision grip on her scissors, Anna Li Richardson carefully rounds all of the corners of the stiff paper that will be the base of an angel ornament. The 8 year old then delicately adds felt and glitter to what to her represents a hurting orphan overseas. When she makes a star ornament, she says it represents Hope.

For three years, Anna Li has sold her ornaments to friends and family in order to help those orphans and bring them hope.  Half of every one dollar ornament she sells is designated toward medical programs in China and the other half goes to needs in India.

Anna Li’s project is the opposite of our over-commercialization of Christmas. Adopted from China in 2005, Ann Li was once an orphan herself. Can you buy any ornament that better represents the Hope of Christmas than one created by a little girl who wants nothing more than to help the helpless? I think not.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Flourishing Ethiopian Vegetables

The high altitude climate of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, has provided several harvests at the Bright Hope School gardens over the past 18 months. Here two of the gardeners are working the soil near multiple rows of cabbage.

Scroll down to read more articles

Give to the Sustainable Garden at Ethiopia's Bright Hope School

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Heartfelt Farewell From Badly Burned Chinese Girl

Haodi waving goodbye at the gate boarding her plane to China
One short voice mail message from Haodi to Children’s Hope late Monday, turned the images of a poor burned Chinese child into a beautiful little girl.

“Hi…Hi…Thank you…Xie Xie (Shay- Shay)!” 

She called because the next morning, Haodi and her mother flew back home to China after two months in Boston. Thank you to Shriners burn hospital, for giving Haodi incredible care yet again. This was the third round of surgery at Shriners since the hot noodle water poured down her face in 2007. Also, a big thank you to her host family in Boston for the loving care of Haodi and her mother for the entire two months.
If you doubt that a severely burned person can reach for the stars, watch this You Tube of Dancing with the Stars. Hey, Haodi, this could someday be you up on stage.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Combined Federal Campaign 2011

As an approved CFC Charity, Children’s Hope International Foundation will be one of the charitable organizations available for automatic monthly payroll deductions for federal employees.

The Children’s Hope CFC code will remain 10856. During the CFC sign-up campaign this fall, federal employees can list 10856 to give to the Children’s Hope projects providing hope for orphans and poor children through, education, nutrition, and medical care; impacting the lives of thousands in China, Ethiopia, Russia, Colombia, Vietnam and India.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Drilling Water Wells in Ethiopia Can Now Begin

Tefera Tadesse, Children’s Hope Ethiopia development Aid Director (left),
signs the Korah Wells project agreement along with an official of
the Addis Ababa Finance and Economic Development Bureau.
We had to wait several months, but finally Children’s Hope received the government approval to go ahead with the drilling of the first well for the Korah community within the Kolfe Keranyo sub-city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

Ethiopians who are infected with leprosy have been immigrating to Korah for decades in order to have close access to the hospital that treats leprosy patients. Most residents virtually have nothing and no way of providing for themselves.  Rummaging around in the trash at the Korah dump is the only option to survive for many. Many children in Korah have benefited from the fresh water, vegetables and eggs our donors provided through the Bright Hope School sustainable farm project.

Children’s Hope International Foundation plans to bore the first of five wells for the Korah community in Ethiopia.  The rocky geology requires boring a deep, 120 meter deep well, through extremely hard material. The community cannot afford this great expense ($33,000/well) yet safe water is badly needed.

You can help drill wells for the struggling people of Korah

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vietnam – Children Receive School Supplies

Over 250 children received much needed school supplies at special ceremonies in Vinh Long, Vietnam. Thuy Nguyen Thon Thi Diem, Children’s Hope- Vietnam, distributed 5000 notebooks and nearly 2000 pens. Many of these children are able to continue attending school because of monthly assistance through Children’s Hope- Vietnam education project which provides help with their tuition, uniforms and books.

Become a monthly Partner in Hope for Vietnam

Give to Vietnam education or orphan projects

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Surgery Day Scheduled for Burned Chinese Girl

Haodi enjoying time away from the
hospital in a suburban Boston park
Her eyes tell the true story, Haodi (Zhengwei Sheng), doesn’t want to have yet another surgery. But tomorrow, her Shriners Burn Hospital surgeon will have her wheeled into the operating room so he can release the tension within the reconstructed tissue on the 6-year-old’s neck and chest. 

This is Haodi’s third trip, from her home in China, to Shriners in Boston for treatment of her extensive burns. When she was only one, a pot of boiling noodles poured down her face. Because of improper burn treatment back in China, her chin eventually fused to her chest. Children’s Hope International helped Haodi travel to the United States to receive world class burn care at Shriners in 2007, 2008 and for this current surgery.

After tomorrow’s surgery, Haodi will have about 6 weeks of therapy and recovery time before she and her mother will return home.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Water for India

One of the two wells drilled last week from the donations of
 the students of the Academy of Sacred Heart School in St. Charles, Missouri 
There are now 7000 more people who have safe water to drink after seven new wells were bored in India last week. The elders from these slums villages, on the eastern coast of India, have been waiting for years for water-wells to be drilled for their families.

With the 32 wells bored so far this year, over 32,000 people no longer have to fear the water they drink. In the past, all of these villagers used the local drainage pond for their drinking water. Over the past two years, Children’s Hope International donors have provided for the construction of 65 wells.  

There are still 230 villages, in the southern reaches of the state of Andhra Pradesh, on the waiting list for a new well.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Families Bring Color to Ethiopa's House of Hope

Using cheerful colored paints and playful decals, three Children's Hope families transformed 12 rooms of the Children's Hope transition home in Addis Ababa. Thanks for hauling all that paint and supplies to Ethiopia to make for an even more child friendly home.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Burned Chinese Girl in Route to Boston Hospital

Haodi traveled first to Beijing in order to fly to the U.S. for burn treatment
For the third time in five years, Zhengwei Sheng, known as Haodi, is traveling from China to Shriners Boston Burn Hospital for treatment. The six year old girl left Beijing this morning with her mother in order to receive additional surgery on her badly burned upper torso and face.

When Haodi was only one, a pot of boiling noodles poured on her from the stove above. Her chin then fused to her chest because of improper burn treatment in her rural China hospital. Several months later Children’s Hope International-China was alerted to Haodi’s critical condition and so then arranged for the world class care at Shriners in Boston.

While receiving months of free treatment at Shriners in both 2007 and 2008, dozens of Chinese immigrants in Boston have embraced Haodi and her mother with loving kindness. Donors to Children’s Hope have given to pay for travel and living expenses during all three trips.

As Haodi’s body grows the scarring does not. So she requires surgery to release the reconstructed tissue so that she can breathe easier with less constriction on her throat and chest. The surgery and therapy will take about a three month stay in Boston.

Thank you volunteers and of course thank you Shriners! 


You can help with Haodi and other China medical projects
by Giving Now

View a photo diary of Haodi's treatment over the years. This page is written in Chinese, but her photos tell her story.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Li Qing’s Daughter to have Surgery in China

This new born's mother died shortly after birth and now she is fighting to live
July update from the Children's Hope Beijing Office:
Thanks to donor support in the US and China, Baby Love's (Li Qing's daughter) first stage of treatment is completely paid and the second stage is currently taken care of as well. A group of loving moms have donated formula; there are many donating diapers. This group effort has saved this little girl! We will update when her last surgery is complete, when she is able to return home.   

Original article posted 5-20-2011
Seven days after giving birth to her pre-term baby daughter*, Li Qing died. Now her baby’s life is in danger. She was born with rectal atresia, which is a blockage in the bowels. Two surgeries are needed so the child can survive. After the first operation was performed, the hospital was going to discharge her, even though she only weighed three and a half pounds. The father had exhausted all his savings in paying the hospital for the attempt to save his wife’s life and, for his daughter’s special post natal care and surgery. He was out of money, so the hospital told him they could no longer treat his daughter.
Melody Zhang- CHI China, with caregiver
treating the baby's surgical wound

Children’s Hope-China was called to help. Melody Zhang, CHI Beijing Director, went to meet the father and his new baby at the hospital. She was impressed with the father’s desire to do what it takes to save his daughter’s life.

Children’s Hope will help in this fight for life. Li Qing’s baby is now waiting to get healthy enough for the second surgery. This is called a "Phase II esophageal atresia surgery" and will cost around 20,000RMB ($3000) - plus the hospital stay and the 20,000RMB ($3000) for the first surgery. Total expenses will get close to $15,000.

*Chinese parents traditionally don’t name their babies until 100 days after birth

Give to Help Li Qing's Daughter  China Orphan Medical

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Over 11,000 Hungry Children Fed

When the familiar feeding truck pulls into their slum village, the children scamper into their hut and then come running with a shiny tin plate in their little hands. Their stomachs are empty and the thought of a hot filling meal gets them queuing up as the servers lift the lid off the steamy pot of upma. Children’s Hope donors have provided 76 nutritional stations in India in 2011. This has provided food to over 11,000 children.

Some of the children scrape by living on the streets while others are in the free schools for children from the slums run by our partner in Kakinada, India.

Thank you for giving to feed the hungry children in India

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Harvests at Ethiopia's Bright Hope

A farm hand harvesting cabbage from a Bright Hope School garden 
The summer harvest of Ethiopian cabbage is underway at the Bright Hope School Garden. The cabbage is topped at the end of the tough green stocks that grew up from the cultivated ground.
Project coordinator surrounded by
the day's egg production.

Tefera Tadesse, Children's Hope Bright Hope School Project Coordinator, reports that egg production continues at a high pace from the 300 laying hens. While foundation work continues on the last stretch of the eight feet high protective wall that will totally surround the 13 acre Bright Hope School property. The self-sustaining gardens, the chicken houses as well as the 2100 students will be secure within the new wall.

ou can help us finalize this Ethiopia sustainable nutrition project at the elementary school for children who have lost one or both parents to AIDS or leprosy.

Give to the Bright Hope School Garden Project

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Fitting Gift for Chinese Orphans

Some of the orphanage children as they displayed the boxes with their new sport shoes
In a gift made possible by the Children's Hope International Partners in Hope for China, all the 87 children at the Red Ribbon Homestead orphanage received new sport shoes and two pairs of sport socks per child. Also, the orphanage received additional milk supplies for the children.

Our Henan province staff reports that the kids loved the new shoes and that some of them immediately put their new shoes on. These children who live at the orphanage were orphaned because of a widespread AIDS outbreak in southern Henan province. Most of these children not only lost their parents but many of their close adult relatives as well.

Become a Partner in Hope for China

Sunday, July 3, 2011

When Boring is Fun - 25 New Water Wells in 2011

Women from the village of Krishna, carry fresh water home from the village’s new safe water well.
Before, the women had to dip their pots into the local drainage pond to provide their family with water.
Three new water wells were completed in India this week. That gives us 25 wells so far in 2011. Almost 25,000 Indian villagers received the gift of safe water this year from Children’s Hope donors. That brings our number of wells bored since January 2010 to 58. This is providing enough water for a population equal to that living in Bristol, Connecticut; or Cheyenne, Wyoming; or Bismarck, North Dakota; all cities with around 60,000 residents.

You can help build a well  to bring India water too!

$650 bores a village well in India

Help drill wells in Ethiopia

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Work Team Brings Love to Chinese Orphans

The Grace China Mission Team brightened the walls
of Mrs. Ma’s CP therapy clinic in Jiaozuo.
The 13 team members from Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church returned home to Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin after ten days in China serving at a Henan province orphanage and a private clinic for children with cerebral palsy.  The team had time to have fun with the children at Luoning orphanage while painting several rooms. They then took their brushes to Mrs. Ma’s therapy clinic for children with CP, in order to brighten up the halls and therapy rooms with fun wall designs.

 You can read more about Children's Hope Chinese orphan medical projects.  

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quenching the Thirst of a Forgotten People

This mother's child will be healthier and have a better chance
at survival once Ethiopia's Korah community has safe water to drink
We have a great start on the drilling of safe water wells for Ethiopia’s Korah community. The donations to date have allowed us to begin work on the first Korah well. Each of the 100-to-120 meter deep wells will cost over $30,000 because of the required well depth and hard rocky sub-soil.

The ground water survey is now complete so we are waiting for the green light from the government to begin drilling. Trying to guess when officials will give us the go ahead is difficult. It took several months to get final clearance when we drilled the well for the kids at Bright Hope School in 2009.

More than one

To properly serve the thousands of destitute Korah residents, more than one well is needed. So although this is encouraging news, we would like to quickly follow the drilling of community well #1 with the drilling of community well #2 for Africa water.

Thank you so much for making safe drinking water a reality for the people of Korah. The residents are fighting daily to survive with their disabilities associated with leprosy and AIDS. Adding to their struggles is the misery of waterborne illness.

Give to the Ethiopia water project for Korah

Monday, June 13, 2011

Schools Reopen for Indian Students

The new school year began today in India. The 5000 kids in the Children’s Hope partner schools have finished summer break, which runs from the middle of April to the middle of June; the hottest time of the year. All the students are from the slum areas and impoverished fishing villages around Kakinada. There are no educational opportunities available to them except from the free Mission to the Nations’ schools. Most of the children are the first in their family to attend school.

Paparao Yeluchuri, Children’s Hope partner in India writes:
“I know that I cannot thank you enough for all the aid you are giving to the schools. Without your help, I know how difficult it is to run the schools for the slum street children. As the school re-opened today after the summer break, now, I need to provide books, stationary, and many other things to run the school smoothly. I am hoping for more and more hands to join with us to run the school more effectively.”

You can give to the schools in India that provide an education to the poorest of the poor and give 1200 India girls education.  

Friday, June 10, 2011

Work Team Arrives in China

The Wisconsin work team will be using
their painting skills at Mrs. Ma's CP clinic 
A 13 member work team from Wisconsin landed in China today to begin 10 days helping at Children’s Hope projects. The team from Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Menomonee Falls will first be painting colorful childhood designs on the walls of a new orphanage in Luoning, Henan province, while also spending time playing with the Chinese orphans.
“They are God’s children who feel they have no hope and feel they are not loved,” said Pastor Rob Goodwin, Grace China Mission Team.

Next the team will travel to Jiaozuo, to also brighten the walls of Mrs. Ma’s Children’s CP therapy clinic. Poor families from across central Henan province, who have children with cerebral palsy, count on Mrs. Ma’s clinic for their children’s therapy and to learn how to better manage their children’s disabilities at home.

The Grace team held several events this spring in order to raise the money for travel expenses and supplies they needed for the trip.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Chinese Orphans Move to New Home

Volunteer holding one of the orphans during this week's
ceremony at the new Alenah's Home location

This was the much anticipated moving day for the 19 orphans living at Alenah’s Home in Beijing. The Children’s Hope post-surgical foster care facility, moved into a remodeled location that will be home to these children (and more), while receiving therapy and love from the 14 staff members. The new location became necessary when the landlord decided to sell the building that was the location of Alenah’s Home for the past 20 months. Children's Hope Chinese orphan medical care will carry on in a new location.

Last weekend a ceremony was held to dedicate the building. While the children walked in for their first official visit, guests and volunteers gathered to celebrate the completion of the construction. Along with the famous Chinese actor, Mr. Sun Haiying, in attendance were representatives from Cummins China, Bank of China, United Family Hospital as well as friends from various volunteer groups.

You Can Give to Alenah's Home to help with construction expenses and children's daily care

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring Birthdays Sprout Orphan Ambassadors

Brothers Peter and Joseph with Anna Rae Buschman
Inspired by her little brother, Anna Rae Buschman told her friends and family coming to her 9th birthday party to skip the trip to Target and donate to orphans in Vietnam. Her big heart for orphans led her to this big sacrifice on her birthday. She explained in the note that accompanied the donations, "...because my little brother was an orphan in Vietnam."

We’ve seen so many kids lately who are finding satisfaction in making a difference as opposed to getting "cool new things". Just yesterday, Zoe Lannert walked into the Children’s Hope St. Louis offices to hand-deliver checks totaling almost $600. Her 10th birthday wish is to help kids in Novokuznetsk Baby Home #2. Zoe had heard about her friend, Grace Vaala, adopted from the same Russian region, who was featured on the Hope in Action blog for raising money on her birthday for the orphanage where she was cared for prior to her adoption. Zoe thought this would be a great way to celebrate her birthday as well.

Zoe Lannert with Dwyatt Gantt-
Children's Hope Executive Director

So we salute these selfless girls and thank them for their desire to take a stand. They all are true Orphan Ambassadors.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It Takes Four Wheels to Meet the Needs of the Poor

In order to continue to serve the poor of Kakinada, India, Paparao needs a new truck. Delivering food and medical supplies every day, over rough rural roads, has put his 10 year old vehicle on life support. In this video, you will see just a fraction of the loving service provided by the Mission to the Nations team that is becoming more and more difficult as their service truck slowing dies.

Donate Now to help buy a truck

It Takes Four Wheels to Meet the Needs of the Poor from Children's Hope International on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

China: Four Sisters Home is Overflowing

Shuai Peng is feeling much better now that he is in a Beijing Hospital
The four sisters’ Loving Center foster home in Henan province is full, beyond capacity. There are 17 orphans living in the home right now. The sisters received five more children with special needs from Nanyang orphanage in April; two of them had congenital heart disease, one had teratoma, one had hermaphroditism, and another one has an eye disease. There isn’t any room for extra children, but the local orphanage continually sends children with special need children to the sisters.

Recently the four sisters helped a family with a sick 2 year-old boy, Shuai Peng, who had an extreme extended belly. When one of the sisters found out that the family could not afford medical treatment, she used 3000 RMB ($450) from money donated from Children’s Hope to help with Shuai Peng’s medical fees. Two days later, the child was transferred to a Beijing hospital for more extensive treatment. Thank you for providing for the operational expenses at 4 sisters’ Loving Center which gave the sisters the ability to take action that may save Shuai Peng’s life.

These four biological sisters are caring for orphans with special needs

Give to China Orphan Medical

Friday, May 13, 2011

Bright Hope Kids Inspire Runners

A team of five determined runners put in extra miles on the roads and on their treadmills to raise money for the Bright Hope School Garden project in Ethiopia. They were competing with 84 teams from their parent company Reed Elsevier, who ran, walked, cycled and swam through the first quarter of 2011 to raise money for a charity as part of the re:fit2win competition. Teams competed to win their category, and the winning teams won $1,000 for a charity of their choice.

In a close battle in the running category, the LexisNexis employee team, Scrambling for Ethiopia, drew inspiration and strength, down the homestretch of the three month completion, from a photo of smiling children at Bright Hope School.

"My six and seven year olds have been bugging me lately about why I am spending so much time on the treadmill, so I showed them the pictures of the kids and they both gave me a big hug – they still don’t quite understand where these kids live and the conditions but somehow they knew it meant a lot to do this," said Rick Trainor, Alpharetta, Georgia during the last days of the contest.

The Scrambling for Ethiopia team finished with a total of nearly 2300 miles- bettering the second place team by well over 100 miles. Those hard fought winning runs deliver $1000 to the Bright Hope School Garden Project. This school farm provides safe water, eggs and fresh vegetables for the poorest of the students as well as operating income for the school. Most the 2100 children have lost one or both parents to leprosy or AIDS.

“We were going to either win this contest or lose laying it all on the line. We ended up winning the contest during the last week. I have never been so proud to be on a team than this one as I knew it involved sacrifice, effort, and passion,” wrote Brad Dolesh, Bozeman, Montana.

You too can Give to the Bright Hope School Ethiopia sustainable nutrition project

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Work Team Arrives in Ethiopia

Journey Church Team working on the Bright Hope Wall in January 2011

Another Journey Church work team is back in Ethiopia to help with the final stage of construction on the security wall at the Bright Hope School. This is the fourth group from the Bozeman, Montana church to come to Addis Abba over the past 18 months. The ten members will be working alongside the hired workers from the Korah community – the impoverished neighborhood where the Bright Hope students live. 


This school farm provides safe water, eggs and vegetables for the poorest of the students as well as operating income for the school. Most children have lost one or both parents to leprosy or AIDS

Friday, April 29, 2011

Girl Helps Kids in her Russian Orphanage

For most kids on their birthday, the focus is all on cake, ice cream and the presents- the more the better- but not for Grace Vaala. For her 9th birthday, she requested that her friends and family give to the children who still live in the orphanage in which she started life. Even though she was adopted back in 2002, she hasn’t forgotten the children in the Novokuznetsk Baby Home #1.
The total donations raised by Grace’s 9th birthday for the baby home back in Russia, paid for much needed improvements in some bathrooms. Most importantly, a regulating water heater was installed. Prior to this addition, the children were at risk of getting burned by the hot water coming from the taps. Also new faucets and a shower system were purchased and installed.

Good job Grace!
You’re already making a difference and you’re not even 10 yet.

You can help out in Russia too

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Big Happy Thanks to You from India

See more about this work in India

Give Now to the India Education Project

Give Now to all the projects in India

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Paparao Personally Thanks School Children for Donations

Paparao Yeluchuri speaking to students in a Sacred Heart classroom

A special visitor was walking the halls of the Academy of Sacred Heart late Wednesday afternoon. Mission to the Nations’, Paparao Yeluchuri was paying a visit to say thank you. He is thankful that through Children’s Hope International, his ministry to the poor in Kakinada, India has been a recipient of the Sacred Heart School’s mission project for years.
Paparao and Sister Maureen Glavis share a laugh

Over the past nine years, the combined donations, from this St. Charles, Missouri school, have purchased 10 sewing machines for young struggling Indian mothers and drilled fresh water wells for 15 Indian villages. The wells are daily delivering safe water to over 12,000 people.

Yeluchuri was able to personally speak to several classrooms and to also thank the students of the missions committee. He expressed his joy in being able to visit a loyal supporter during his one day trip to the St. Louis area. Yeluchuri says his organization’s calling is to be the Gospel in Action. He is so thankful for partners like Academy of Sacred Heart who have the same goal.

You too can help Paparo reach out to the poor in India

One of the 15 wells completed by Sacred Heart School

Friday, April 15, 2011

Heat at Last for Chinese CP Clinic

Children's Hope staff with Mrs. Ma (center) on the day heater units arrived.
Mrs. Ma and her daughter
The cold of winter and the heat of summer will no longer add to the discomfort of therapy for children at a private cerebral palsy clinic in Henan province, China. Donors provided 12 heater/air-conditioning units to heat and cool the 18 rooms of Mrs. Ma’s CP therapy clinic. The clinic treats dozens of children with CP and trains their families in therapy techniques to use at home. But because of a lack of funds, the clinic’s therapy rooms had no temperature control, so the children shivered in the winter and roasted in the summer.

Mrs. Ma opened this clinic in Qinyang to help poor families like hers, when she couldn't find therapy options for her daughter who has CP. It costs Mrs. Ma over $100 per month to give therapy and boarding to one child. She has 20 children now staying at her clinic.

You can give a Chinese child with CP the therapy that is needed.Give to Mrs. Ma’s CP Therapy Clinic
Since the heaters are now purchased, please consider helping with a child’s therapy or a monthly donation.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Safe Water to Drink in Ethiopia's Korah Community

We’re close to drilling the well for the Korah community in Ethiopia!
We’re so thankful for the wonderful donations that have come in after the March direct mail campaign. The donations to date put us only $7000 from our goal of drilling our first well.
Korah is the community of tightly packed shanties that surround the Bright Hope School.The residents are fighting daily to survive with their disabilities associated with leprosy and AIDS. The rocky geology requires an expensive deep well in order to give them safe water to drink.

If you would like to help dig this community well in Ethiopia, you can still send your donation in the mailing remittance card or Give to drill the Korah well right now.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Alaskan Sunday School Feeds Nearly 1000 in India

During the long cold days of winter, children at First Methodist Church in Fairbanks, Alaska raised enough money to provide hot meals for hundreds of hungry Indian children. Their missions' project fed close to 600 kids in schools located in slums of Kakinada, India. Another 400 children, in two fishing villages, also enjoyed warm plates of umpa; a cooked mixture of rice grains, onions, peanuts, and spices.

You too can dish up food for hungry children

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Gardens at Hope

The high altitude climate of Addis Abba, has given us two harvests so far at Ethiopia's Bright Hope School. With the proper amount of water, there will be three plantings every year in the Bright Hope gardens located at 8000 feet elevation. Lettuce, Carrots, Broccoli, Onion, Garlic, Cabbage, Lettuce and Beets have been gathered from the fields you help make possible. In addition to the vegetables, different varieties of fruits were planted: Apple, Cherries, Peach and Mango.

Keep the Gardens Growing at Bright Hope

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Special School Helps Hungry Kids Far Away

The parents and staff of Promise Christian Academy of St. Louis, which provides a loving environment for educating children who need alternative instructional approaches, raised money to feed 1200 children in India. A warm lunch was provided at three schools for children from broken homes, along with seven additional nutritional stations in villages and slums of Kakinada; all for around 30 cents per child.
Through the first two months of 2011, 5600 meals have been served at 38 separate feeding stations.

You too can help feed street children in India

Monday, March 7, 2011

Celebrate Women by Educating Girls

What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day… keep a young Indian girl in school.

It costs about $60 for one girl’s tuition, books and uniforms for one year.
These girls live in the impoverished fishing villages around Kakinada, India.

Without this free schooling opportunity, there is no hope of ever leaving the slums.

Help a girl become an educated woman- Give Now
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