Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Montana Work Team Loves on Kids at Ethiopia's Bright Hope School

Work team members arrive in the Korah community
to work at Bright Hope School
For the second time in eight months, a work team from Montana is helping with the security wall construction at the Bright Hope School in Addis Ababa. Arriving in Ethiopia shortly after Christmas, the ten person team from Journey Church in Bozeman is working to complete the last stage of the self-sustaining garden project on the school grounds.
“Bright Hope looks noticeably better since I was here in (late) May,” wrote Kate Townley, Journey Work Team Leader. “The water is running and the kids are drinking it all day. It's like the epitome of joy to see it.”

On the Journey work team blog, different members are sharing their emotions, descriptions and impressions of working at 8000 feet altitude in one of the most impoverished neighborhoods of the Ethiopian capital.

“We have talked about how our hearts have broken over this place. But simultaneously there are moments when we are overflowing with joy with just how happy these people can be despite their tribulations. They are so thankful. God is doing some amazing things here,” Kelsey Ham, Journey work team member.

Journey Church Ethiopia work team blog

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