Friday, February 25, 2011

What if the Capital of Missouri was Dying of Thirst?

Thanks to a population growth of 8.7% over the past decade, Jefferson City, Missouri now has over 43,000 residents, according to the US Census figures released yesterday. That is the same number of people who are now drinking safe water because of the 45 Children’s Hope wells that have been bored in India since the beginning of 2010.  
The entire village celebrates their new safe water well

Imagine the entire population of Jefferson City walking to the local buffalo pond every day to get a pot of water. This is the same pond where the residents bathe and wash their clothes as well as water their farm animals. Because of the polluted water, every child has a continuous stomach ache. Cholera, Hepatitis, Typhoid and parasites could lurk in every sip.

The 33 wells bored in 2010 and the 12 wells bored so far this  year, are giving Indian villages what every resident in Jefferson City already had, safe water to drink.

Give Now- $650 bores a shallow water well for an Indian village

Video on how a well transforms a village:
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