Friday, April 29, 2011

Girl Helps Kids in her Russian Orphanage

For most kids on their birthday, the focus is all on cake, ice cream and the presents- the more the better- but not for Grace Vaala. For her 9th birthday, she requested that her friends and family give to the children who still live in the orphanage in which she started life. Even though she was adopted back in 2002, she hasn’t forgotten the children in the Novokuznetsk Baby Home #1.
The total donations raised by Grace’s 9th birthday for the baby home back in Russia, paid for much needed improvements in some bathrooms. Most importantly, a regulating water heater was installed. Prior to this addition, the children were at risk of getting burned by the hot water coming from the taps. Also new faucets and a shower system were purchased and installed.

Good job Grace!
You’re already making a difference and you’re not even 10 yet.

You can help out in Russia too
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