Friday, May 13, 2011

Bright Hope Kids Inspire Runners

A team of five determined runners put in extra miles on the roads and on their treadmills to raise money for the Bright Hope School Garden project in Ethiopia. They were competing with 84 teams from their parent company Reed Elsevier, who ran, walked, cycled and swam through the first quarter of 2011 to raise money for a charity as part of the re:fit2win competition. Teams competed to win their category, and the winning teams won $1,000 for a charity of their choice.

In a close battle in the running category, the LexisNexis employee team, Scrambling for Ethiopia, drew inspiration and strength, down the homestretch of the three month completion, from a photo of smiling children at Bright Hope School.

"My six and seven year olds have been bugging me lately about why I am spending so much time on the treadmill, so I showed them the pictures of the kids and they both gave me a big hug – they still don’t quite understand where these kids live and the conditions but somehow they knew it meant a lot to do this," said Rick Trainor, Alpharetta, Georgia during the last days of the contest.

The Scrambling for Ethiopia team finished with a total of nearly 2300 miles- bettering the second place team by well over 100 miles. Those hard fought winning runs deliver $1000 to the Bright Hope School Garden Project. This school farm provides safe water, eggs and fresh vegetables for the poorest of the students as well as operating income for the school. Most the 2100 children have lost one or both parents to leprosy or AIDS.

“We were going to either win this contest or lose laying it all on the line. We ended up winning the contest during the last week. I have never been so proud to be on a team than this one as I knew it involved sacrifice, effort, and passion,” wrote Brad Dolesh, Bozeman, Montana.

You too can Give to the Bright Hope School Ethiopia sustainable nutrition project

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