Sunday, May 15, 2011

China: Four Sisters Home is Overflowing

Shuai Peng is feeling much better now that he is in a Beijing Hospital
The four sisters’ Loving Center foster home in Henan province is full, beyond capacity. There are 17 orphans living in the home right now. The sisters received five more children with special needs from Nanyang orphanage in April; two of them had congenital heart disease, one had teratoma, one had hermaphroditism, and another one has an eye disease. There isn’t any room for extra children, but the local orphanage continually sends children with special need children to the sisters.

Recently the four sisters helped a family with a sick 2 year-old boy, Shuai Peng, who had an extreme extended belly. When one of the sisters found out that the family could not afford medical treatment, she used 3000 RMB ($450) from money donated from Children’s Hope to help with Shuai Peng’s medical fees. Two days later, the child was transferred to a Beijing hospital for more extensive treatment. Thank you for providing for the operational expenses at 4 sisters’ Loving Center which gave the sisters the ability to take action that may save Shuai Peng’s life.

These four biological sisters are caring for orphans with special needs

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