Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring Birthdays Sprout Orphan Ambassadors

Brothers Peter and Joseph with Anna Rae Buschman
Inspired by her little brother, Anna Rae Buschman told her friends and family coming to her 9th birthday party to skip the trip to Target and donate to orphans in Vietnam. Her big heart for orphans led her to this big sacrifice on her birthday. She explained in the note that accompanied the donations, "...because my little brother was an orphan in Vietnam."

We’ve seen so many kids lately who are finding satisfaction in making a difference as opposed to getting "cool new things". Just yesterday, Zoe Lannert walked into the Children’s Hope St. Louis offices to hand-deliver checks totaling almost $600. Her 10th birthday wish is to help kids in Novokuznetsk Baby Home #2. Zoe had heard about her friend, Grace Vaala, adopted from the same Russian region, who was featured on the Hope in Action blog for raising money on her birthday for the orphanage where she was cared for prior to her adoption. Zoe thought this would be a great way to celebrate her birthday as well.

Zoe Lannert with Dwyatt Gantt-
Children's Hope Executive Director

So we salute these selfless girls and thank them for their desire to take a stand. They all are true Orphan Ambassadors.
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