Sunday, June 26, 2011

Work Team Brings Love to Chinese Orphans

The Grace China Mission Team brightened the walls
of Mrs. Ma’s CP therapy clinic in Jiaozuo.
The 13 team members from Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church returned home to Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin after ten days in China serving at a Henan province orphanage and a private clinic for children with cerebral palsy.  The team had time to have fun with the children at Luoning orphanage while painting several rooms. They then took their brushes to Mrs. Ma’s therapy clinic for children with CP, in order to brighten up the halls and therapy rooms with fun wall designs.

 You can read more about Children's Hope Chinese orphan medical projects.  

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quenching the Thirst of a Forgotten People

This mother's child will be healthier and have a better chance
at survival once Ethiopia's Korah community has safe water to drink
We have a great start on the drilling of safe water wells for Ethiopia’s Korah community. The donations to date have allowed us to begin work on the first Korah well. Each of the 100-to-120 meter deep wells will cost over $30,000 because of the required well depth and hard rocky sub-soil.

The ground water survey is now complete so we are waiting for the green light from the government to begin drilling. Trying to guess when officials will give us the go ahead is difficult. It took several months to get final clearance when we drilled the well for the kids at Bright Hope School in 2009.

More than one

To properly serve the thousands of destitute Korah residents, more than one well is needed. So although this is encouraging news, we would like to quickly follow the drilling of community well #1 with the drilling of community well #2 for Africa water.

Thank you so much for making safe drinking water a reality for the people of Korah. The residents are fighting daily to survive with their disabilities associated with leprosy and AIDS. Adding to their struggles is the misery of waterborne illness.

Give to the Ethiopia water project for Korah

Monday, June 13, 2011

Schools Reopen for Indian Students

The new school year began today in India. The 5000 kids in the Children’s Hope partner schools have finished summer break, which runs from the middle of April to the middle of June; the hottest time of the year. All the students are from the slum areas and impoverished fishing villages around Kakinada. There are no educational opportunities available to them except from the free Mission to the Nations’ schools. Most of the children are the first in their family to attend school.

Paparao Yeluchuri, Children’s Hope partner in India writes:
“I know that I cannot thank you enough for all the aid you are giving to the schools. Without your help, I know how difficult it is to run the schools for the slum street children. As the school re-opened today after the summer break, now, I need to provide books, stationary, and many other things to run the school smoothly. I am hoping for more and more hands to join with us to run the school more effectively.”

You can give to the schools in India that provide an education to the poorest of the poor and give 1200 India girls education.  

Friday, June 10, 2011

Work Team Arrives in China

The Wisconsin work team will be using
their painting skills at Mrs. Ma's CP clinic 
A 13 member work team from Wisconsin landed in China today to begin 10 days helping at Children’s Hope projects. The team from Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Menomonee Falls will first be painting colorful childhood designs on the walls of a new orphanage in Luoning, Henan province, while also spending time playing with the Chinese orphans.
“They are God’s children who feel they have no hope and feel they are not loved,” said Pastor Rob Goodwin, Grace China Mission Team.

Next the team will travel to Jiaozuo, to also brighten the walls of Mrs. Ma’s Children’s CP therapy clinic. Poor families from across central Henan province, who have children with cerebral palsy, count on Mrs. Ma’s clinic for their children’s therapy and to learn how to better manage their children’s disabilities at home.

The Grace team held several events this spring in order to raise the money for travel expenses and supplies they needed for the trip.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Chinese Orphans Move to New Home

Volunteer holding one of the orphans during this week's
ceremony at the new Alenah's Home location

This was the much anticipated moving day for the 19 orphans living at Alenah’s Home in Beijing. The Children’s Hope post-surgical foster care facility, moved into a remodeled location that will be home to these children (and more), while receiving therapy and love from the 14 staff members. The new location became necessary when the landlord decided to sell the building that was the location of Alenah’s Home for the past 20 months. Children's Hope Chinese orphan medical care will carry on in a new location.

Last weekend a ceremony was held to dedicate the building. While the children walked in for their first official visit, guests and volunteers gathered to celebrate the completion of the construction. Along with the famous Chinese actor, Mr. Sun Haiying, in attendance were representatives from Cummins China, Bank of China, United Family Hospital as well as friends from various volunteer groups.

You Can Give to Alenah's Home to help with construction expenses and children's daily care
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