Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quenching the Thirst of a Forgotten People

This mother's child will be healthier and have a better chance
at survival once Ethiopia's Korah community has safe water to drink
We have a great start on the drilling of safe water wells for Ethiopia’s Korah community. The donations to date have allowed us to begin work on the first Korah well. Each of the 100-to-120 meter deep wells will cost over $30,000 because of the required well depth and hard rocky sub-soil.

The ground water survey is now complete so we are waiting for the green light from the government to begin drilling. Trying to guess when officials will give us the go ahead is difficult. It took several months to get final clearance when we drilled the well for the kids at Bright Hope School in 2009.

More than one

To properly serve the thousands of destitute Korah residents, more than one well is needed. So although this is encouraging news, we would like to quickly follow the drilling of community well #1 with the drilling of community well #2 for Africa water.

Thank you so much for making safe drinking water a reality for the people of Korah. The residents are fighting daily to survive with their disabilities associated with leprosy and AIDS. Adding to their struggles is the misery of waterborne illness.

Give to the Ethiopia water project for Korah
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