Thursday, July 21, 2011

Over 11,000 Hungry Children Fed

When the familiar feeding truck pulls into their slum village, the children scamper into their hut and then come running with a shiny tin plate in their little hands. Their stomachs are empty and the thought of a hot filling meal gets them queuing up as the servers lift the lid off the steamy pot of upma. Children’s Hope donors have provided 76 nutritional stations in India in 2011. This has provided food to over 11,000 children.

Some of the children scrape by living on the streets while others are in the free schools for children from the slums run by our partner in Kakinada, India.

Thank you for giving to feed the hungry children in India

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Harvests at Ethiopia's Bright Hope

A farm hand harvesting cabbage from a Bright Hope School garden 
The summer harvest of Ethiopian cabbage is underway at the Bright Hope School Garden. The cabbage is topped at the end of the tough green stocks that grew up from the cultivated ground.
Project coordinator surrounded by
the day's egg production.

Tefera Tadesse, Children's Hope Bright Hope School Project Coordinator, reports that egg production continues at a high pace from the 300 laying hens. While foundation work continues on the last stretch of the eight feet high protective wall that will totally surround the 13 acre Bright Hope School property. The self-sustaining gardens, the chicken houses as well as the 2100 students will be secure within the new wall.

ou can help us finalize this Ethiopia sustainable nutrition project at the elementary school for children who have lost one or both parents to AIDS or leprosy.

Give to the Bright Hope School Garden Project

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Fitting Gift for Chinese Orphans

Some of the orphanage children as they displayed the boxes with their new sport shoes
In a gift made possible by the Children's Hope International Partners in Hope for China, all the 87 children at the Red Ribbon Homestead orphanage received new sport shoes and two pairs of sport socks per child. Also, the orphanage received additional milk supplies for the children.

Our Henan province staff reports that the kids loved the new shoes and that some of them immediately put their new shoes on. These children who live at the orphanage were orphaned because of a widespread AIDS outbreak in southern Henan province. Most of these children not only lost their parents but many of their close adult relatives as well.

Become a Partner in Hope for China

Sunday, July 3, 2011

When Boring is Fun - 25 New Water Wells in 2011

Women from the village of Krishna, carry fresh water home from the village’s new safe water well.
Before, the women had to dip their pots into the local drainage pond to provide their family with water.
Three new water wells were completed in India this week. That gives us 25 wells so far in 2011. Almost 25,000 Indian villagers received the gift of safe water this year from Children’s Hope donors. That brings our number of wells bored since January 2010 to 58. This is providing enough water for a population equal to that living in Bristol, Connecticut; or Cheyenne, Wyoming; or Bismarck, North Dakota; all cities with around 60,000 residents.

You can help build a well  to bring India water too!

$650 bores a village well in India

Help drill wells in Ethiopia

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