Thursday, August 4, 2011

Burned Chinese Girl in Route to Boston Hospital

Haodi traveled first to Beijing in order to fly to the U.S. for burn treatment
For the third time in five years, Zhengwei Sheng, known as Haodi, is traveling from China to Shriners Boston Burn Hospital for treatment. The six year old girl left Beijing this morning with her mother in order to receive additional surgery on her badly burned upper torso and face.

When Haodi was only one, a pot of boiling noodles poured on her from the stove above. Her chin then fused to her chest because of improper burn treatment in her rural China hospital. Several months later Children’s Hope International-China was alerted to Haodi’s critical condition and so then arranged for the world class care at Shriners in Boston.

While receiving months of free treatment at Shriners in both 2007 and 2008, dozens of Chinese immigrants in Boston have embraced Haodi and her mother with loving kindness. Donors to Children’s Hope have given to pay for travel and living expenses during all three trips.

As Haodi’s body grows the scarring does not. So she requires surgery to release the reconstructed tissue so that she can breathe easier with less constriction on her throat and chest. The surgery and therapy will take about a three month stay in Boston.

Thank you volunteers and of course thank you Shriners! 


You can help with Haodi and other China medical projects
by Giving Now

View a photo diary of Haodi's treatment over the years. This page is written in Chinese, but her photos tell her story.

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