Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Surgery Day Scheduled for Burned Chinese Girl

Haodi enjoying time away from the
hospital in a suburban Boston park
Her eyes tell the true story, Haodi (Zhengwei Sheng), doesn’t want to have yet another surgery. But tomorrow, her Shriners Burn Hospital surgeon will have her wheeled into the operating room so he can release the tension within the reconstructed tissue on the 6-year-old’s neck and chest. 

This is Haodi’s third trip, from her home in China, to Shriners in Boston for treatment of her extensive burns. When she was only one, a pot of boiling noodles poured down her face. Because of improper burn treatment back in China, her chin eventually fused to her chest. Children’s Hope International helped Haodi travel to the United States to receive world class burn care at Shriners in 2007, 2008 and for this current surgery.

After tomorrow’s surgery, Haodi will have about 6 weeks of therapy and recovery time before she and her mother will return home.

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