Thursday, September 8, 2011

Drilling Water Wells in Ethiopia Can Now Begin

Tefera Tadesse, Children’s Hope Ethiopia development Aid Director (left),
signs the Korah Wells project agreement along with an official of
the Addis Ababa Finance and Economic Development Bureau.
We had to wait several months, but finally Children’s Hope received the government approval to go ahead with the drilling of the first well for the Korah community within the Kolfe Keranyo sub-city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

Ethiopians who are infected with leprosy have been immigrating to Korah for decades in order to have close access to the hospital that treats leprosy patients. Most residents virtually have nothing and no way of providing for themselves.  Rummaging around in the trash at the Korah dump is the only option to survive for many. Many children in Korah have benefited from the fresh water, vegetables and eggs our donors provided through the Bright Hope School sustainable farm project.

Children’s Hope International Foundation plans to bore the first of five wells for the Korah community in Ethiopia.  The rocky geology requires boring a deep, 120 meter deep well, through extremely hard material. The community cannot afford this great expense ($33,000/well) yet safe water is badly needed.

You can help drill wells for the struggling people of Korah
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