Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Heartfelt Farewell From Badly Burned Chinese Girl

Haodi waving goodbye at the gate boarding her plane to China
One short voice mail message from Haodi to Children’s Hope late Monday, turned the images of a poor burned Chinese child into a beautiful little girl.

“Hi…Hi…Thank you…Xie Xie (Shay- Shay)!” 

She called because the next morning, Haodi and her mother flew back home to China after two months in Boston. Thank you to Shriners burn hospital, for giving Haodi incredible care yet again. This was the third round of surgery at Shriners since the hot noodle water poured down her face in 2007. Also, a big thank you to her host family in Boston for the loving care of Haodi and her mother for the entire two months.
If you doubt that a severely burned person can reach for the stars, watch this You Tube of Dancing with the Stars. Hey, Haodi, this could someday be you up on stage.

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