Friday, October 21, 2011

Christmas Ornaments help Orphans

With a precision grip on her scissors, Anna Li Richardson carefully rounds all of the corners of the stiff paper that will be the base of an angel ornament. The 8 year old then delicately adds felt and glitter to what to her represents a hurting orphan overseas. When she makes a star ornament, she says it represents Hope.

For three years, Anna Li has sold her ornaments to friends and family in order to help those orphans and bring them hope.  Half of every one dollar ornament she sells is designated toward medical programs in China and the other half goes to needs in India.

Anna Li’s project is the opposite of our over-commercialization of Christmas. Adopted from China in 2005, Ann Li was once an orphan herself. Can you buy any ornament that better represents the Hope of Christmas than one created by a little girl who wants nothing more than to help the helpless? I think not.
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