Friday, December 14, 2012

New Kitchen in Ethiopia

Digging started this week on the foundation site for the new
Bright Hope School kitchen and dining hall 
The poorest students receive a hot lunch
Ground was broken this week for the new kitchen and dining hall at Bright Hope School in Ethiopia. The kitchen will allow for the current daily meal preparation, for over 200 hungry students, to be indoors as opposed to using the open fire pit in the two-sided corrugated steel cooking shack.  And once the building is completed, an additional 250-300 students can be added to the children who currently receive the daily hot lunches.

Fresh eggs and vegetables harvested from the school’s farm are frequently a part of the lunch menu. Other foods for the meals and supplies for the school are purchased with the sale of the large number of vegetables and eggs produced on the school’s grounds.

The initial foundation work began by clearing the land next to classroom buildings. Rebar and other construction materials purchased by Children’s Hope will be assembled this coming week in advance of the pouring of the concrete.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Baby Formula for African Orphans

Children's Hope is helping provide proper nutrition for the orphans in Ethiopian orphanages
This little guy and his 14 buddies are eating well, thanks to the donors to the Children’s Hope Ethiopia- Baby formula fund. The Numan orphanage receives 48 (14oz) cans of quality powdered formula from Children’s Hope every month. It helps keep their 15 babies healthy. The cost of formula in Ethiopia puts a heavy strain on orphanage budgets.

Friday, November 16, 2012

New Well Water Flows from Denim Pockets

Teachers at a New Jersey high school raise money to drill this water well
in India by wearing their blue jeans.
It is just a simple pair of jeans. But for some New Jersey high school teachers, the opportunity to break free of their school dress code is a can't miss event. So when West Essex High School holds their “Dress in Denim” Fridays twice a month, there is a high participation rate.  Each teacher pays $5 to have fashion freedom for a day. The teachers also have the satisfaction of knowing their $5 will go to a monthly charity project.

Children’s Hope received the proceeds of September’s “Dress in Denim” Fridays at the North Caldwell, New Jersey high school. The amount raised was enough to drill a well for a slum community in India. Now hundreds of people in a village, on India’s central east coast, have safe water to drink, thanks to the denim wearing faculty at West Essex High School.

This was one of six Children’s Hope water wells bored in November. That makes 31 wells in 2012 drilled for the impoverished fishing villages and slum neighborhoods near Kakinada, India. Those wells provide over 30,000 people with water that is not polluted. Most of these villagers were using rancid water from drainage ponds for washing their clothes, bathing, drinking, and for cooking.

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Africa Water Conference Invites Children’s Hope Resident Water Expert

Hermella Wondimu pumping water from a newly drilled well in Ethiopia.
Hermella Wondimu, Children’s Hope- Ethiopia Development Aid Director, will attend the UN World Health Organization water safety conference in Uganda next week. It was an honor for Hermella to be invited to this gathering of the world’s experts on African water issues. In addition to her work with Children’s Hope aid projects, Hermella has led teams in completing numerous water wells across Ethiopia. She is part of Help for a Drop of Water (HFDW), which is a group of Ethiopian University students working to create better access to clean water, alleviate water born disease and improve children’s health in Ethiopia.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Home Provides Medical Care to Save Chinese Orphans

Nearly two dozen orphan babies in the past six months have arrived at the Four Sister’s Home of Love in Pingdingshan China. Orphanages located near this northern Henan province city bring sick orphaned children to the Home of Love for care the orphanages cannot provide. The four biological sisters who turned there two story town home into a critical care home for orphans, give the children intensive nursing care.

One of those children is Xiao Qi, who had postoperative intestinal diseases when he was abandoned on July 21. When he arrived at the “Home of Love” from the orphanage, he was immediately sent to Shanghai Fudan University Affiliated Children's Hospital for an abdominal fistulation. Now Xiao Qi is in stable condition and again under the care of nurses at the Four Sisters’ Home of Love. He will remain at the Four Sisters’ until he has completed the additional surgery he needs to entirely correct his medical issues.

Children’s Hope has provided financial assistance to the Home of Love for the past two years. If you would like to help the four sisters provide this vital service to medically fragile orphans, you can Give Now.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sustainable Farm Feeds Students

Ethiopian children at Bright Hope School showing off their hard-boiled eggs
Every school day, the poorest of the poor children at Bright Hope Elementary School are fed lunch. Over 200 students have nothing to eat unless lunch is provided. For years, the school staff would donate some of their food to the kids. Now the school's farm provides a harvest from the vegetable crops and laying house to feed the kids. On this day, the meal is hard boiled eggs and cooked cabbage over rice.

Read More: Bright Hope School Farm Project Ethiopia
You can give to the Bright Hope School Farm

Friday, October 5, 2012

Africa School Farm

One of the workers in the laying house at Ethiopia's Bright Hope School,
holds up a tray of newly harvested eggs.

The chickens at the Bright Hope School farm are back to full production. Over 300 laying hens are producing a daily harvest of hundreds of eggs that can be sold or used in meals for the poorest students at the school.

This new hen flock arrived in late spring. With a few weeks to mature, the hens started laying eggs in August.

The farm project on the school's 13 acres began in 2009, when a water well was drilled on the school grounds. Since then, several seasons of vegetable crops have been harvested and the laying house is now on its second flock of hens.

Read more about Bright Hope School in Ethiopia

Give to the Bright Hope School Farm Project

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Feeding Hungry Children in the Slums

Over 900 children from slums in India were fed a warm meal last week.
Children’s Hope donors provided seven feeding stations on the streets and in schools.
Highly nutritious upma is served from large pots transported to slum communities on the eastern coast of India. Upma is a grain mixture with onions, peanuts, and spices. The kids love it! 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Vietnamese Children Enjoy School Supply Delivery

Two girls in Vinh Long, Vietnam using new workbooks
and writing tools delivered to their rural school
 Hundreds of Vietnamese school children can now move forward with the studies, thanks to a sizeable delivery of school supplies last week.  Pens, pencils, text books, and thousands of notebooks were given out to 300 children in a rural elementary school in Vinh Long, Vietnam.

Children's Hope partners have been supporting the education of children in this poor farming area for the past six years. In addition to school supplies, Children's Hope has delivered nutritional support and tuition assistance.

Be a Monthly Partner in Hope

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Furniture for Russian Orphans

Orphaned Russian babies found their newly donated play-pen
to be quite roomy and comfortable in an orphanage just north of Kazakhstan.

The new wooden arm chairs at the Specialized Children’s Home #2 in Chelyabinsk, Russia;
home to over 100 orphaned children under 4-years-old.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

20th Safe Drinking Water Well in 2012

This is the 19th well donated by the students from the
Academy of the Sacred Heart in St. Charles, Missouri
Over 20,000 people living in 20 impoverished Indian communities have received water wells through Children’s Hope International Foundation in 2012. Since these poor villages sit on the coast of the Bay of Bengal, it only requires an inexpensive shallow hand pump well to deliver palatable water to hundreds of people.

But there are still dozens of farming communities and fishing villages in the southern reaches of Andhra Pradesh that are on the waiting list for new water wells. In most cases, the villagers are using disease filled drainage ponds as their only source of water. These polluted water supplies sprout many deadly water borne pathogens that are especially dangerous to children’s health.    

Monday, August 13, 2012

Burned Girl Making Many American Friends

Haodi plays at a park near her Boston area host home, while
recovering from surgery on her burned face and neck.
Haodi, the burned Chinese girl with the infectious smile, is finalizing her recovery after her forth surgery visit in six years to Boston’s Shriners Hospital. Many wonderful volunteers have made this trip to Boston from China as happy as possible for Haodi and her mother. Her last doctor appointment before going back home, is in one week.

When Haodi was 1, a boiling pot of noodles poured down her face. She was treated at a local hospital in China, but the extreme scarring required the experts at Shriners burn hospital.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Feeding Orphaned Babies

Ethiopian orphanage nanny feeding baby with formula
donated by
Children's Hope International Foundation
The Children’s Hope – Ethiopia staff has distributed this year, over 500 cans (14oz) of powdered baby formula to needy orphanages. Each can makes about 100 ounces of high nutrition liquid formula. That is enough to feed one baby for almost a week.

So baby formula donations to Children’s Hope helped feed over 50 African orphans for nearly ten weeks (500 cans x 1 can that feeds 1 child for 1 week). Without financial help, most Ethiopian orphanages cannot afford to feed the babies what they need for proper growth.

Baby formula is the number one request from orphanage directors, so it is good to know that this baby formula helped increase the nutritional intake of many orphaned babies.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Abandoned African Mothers Learning about Business

The 50 Ethiopian single mothers, who gathered for a class at the Children’s Hope- House of Hope in Addis Ababa, learned how they can start a business. It is a basic course in entrepreneurship to help the women see the possibilities of supporting their families.

Often married before even becoming teenagers, uneducated and now abandoned by their husbands, they struggle to feed their children. Children’s Hope has helped all 50 mothers with rent and food for several years, but becoming less dependent starts with business training. Showing the women how they can provide for themselves by creating a sustainable flow of income is the goal of the class.

“Whether it was death from AIDS or their husbands walked away, these single mothers in Ethiopia struggle to provide for their children,” said Cory Barron, Children’s Hope Development Aid.

A micro-loan will be available to any class participant who applies with a viable business plan. The Children’s Hope small business loan program will help the single mothers open a road side stand, rent a shop, or buy inventory and supplies.

Children’s Hope International Foundation provides hope for international orphans and children living in poverty through medical care, sustainable nutrition, safe drinking water, family preservation, and education; impacting the lives of thousands in China, Ethiopia, Colombia, Russia, Vietnam and India.  

Find Out More about Ethiopia projects you can help

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Badly Burned Chinese Girl Returns to US for Additional Surgery

Haodi, and her mother in the Beijing, prior to
boarding their flight to Boston for additional surgery
on her severe burns.

Children’s Hope International helped the family from China receive treatment at Shriners in Boston.

For the fourth time in six years, Zhengwei Sheng,7, has flown from Beijing, China to Boston for treatment of extensive burns at Shriners Hospital.  Today will be her fourth round of surgeries on her severely scalded upper torso and face. When Zhengwei, called Haodi, was 1 year old, a pot of boiling noodles poured down over her head. Because of improper medical treatment in her rural area of China, her chin eventually fused to her chest.

In 2007, as the scarring became life threatening, Children’s Hope International provided travel to the United States for Haodi and her mother to receive the free world class burn treatment at Shriners.

During her months of care, dozens of Chinese-Americans in Boston embraced Haodi and her mother with loving kindness - providing host homes and prayerful support during surgeries.

The operations since her initial treatment are required to release the reconstructed tissue so that she can breathe easier with less constriction on her throat and chest. This round of surgery and therapy will be completed in about one month.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Standing Tall in Ethiopia

Harvesting leaves from 5-foot high Ethiopian Cabbage plants at the Bright Hope School farm.

Gardeners at Ethiopia's Bright Hope School farm, pulling weeds
from the radish patch. These three women are paid workers who
live in the extremely poor community surrounding Bright Hope School.

Giving to Bright Hope School Farm Project
by providing a
farm worker's wages

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Supplies Help Start New School Year

School is back in session in India. The two month summer (hot season) break began in the middle of April but now the seasonal temperatures have moderated to where the students can return to their studies. Children's Hope International Foundation's Partners in Hope have helped with the kick-off to a new year by supplying hundreds of children with books and school supplies.

These students are from of the poor fishing villages and slums on the east- central coast of India. Many of them are the first in their families to attend school. The free education offered by Mission to the Nations gives the children an opportunity to work their way out of the deep generational poverty.

You can help a child attend school

Friday, June 8, 2012

Chickens in Africa Come to Roost

Laying House worker at
feeeding timefor new hens
We’re hearing the clucking sound of chickens again at Bright Hope School in Ethiopia. Over 500 laying hens were delivered this week to replace the chickens sold-off at Christmas time. The sale provided a nice profit for the Bright Hope School but then they encountered delays in receiving a new flock. The eggs help provide better nutrition for the poorest of the students and income for the school.  

Since hens lay eggs at a productive level for only two years, they are then sold-off and replaced by higher producing hens. As the operation of the Bright Hope farm becomes more proficient, the gaps in egg production should be minimized.

Vegetable crops continue to
flourish in Ethiopian sunshine
Also, the vegetable crops on the cultivated land continue to thrive. The Addis Ababa climate and the Bright Hope soil seem to be a good combination for growing a variety of healthy vegetables in their sustainable garden food project. 
Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support of the children of Bright Hope School.

Please consider a one time or monthly donation to help supplement the farm operation.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Chinese Orphan Care Home Celebrates Growth

Children’s Hope International’s post-surgical foster home in Beijing
will now care for over 30 orphans with medical issues.

Melody Zhang, addresses the crowd celebrating
the expansion of Alenah's Home

Around 200 people gathered on Friday to tour the newest section of Alenah’s Home in Beijing. The home, named after Alenah Rogers, a 23-month-old girl adopted from China who was killed in a tragic 2003 flood on a Kansas Highway, takes-in children from Chinese orphanages that need medical care only available in Beijing.

This expanded area of Alenah’s Home will provide the space needed to care for over 30 orphaned children. By rehabbing an identical house next door and merging the two court yards, the now complete Alenah’s Home has additional bedrooms, play area, and therapy room. The new extension also has boarding rooms for the care givers as well as bedrooms for short-term volunteers and visiting medical professionals.
A new play area for the orphans
healing at Alenah's Home

The children recovering from surgery and their care givers moved into the first section of Alenah’s Home in June 2011. Children’s Hope orchestrated 300 surgeries for Chinese children in 2011, over 5000 operations in China since 2001.

See More and Give to Alenah's Home

Monday, May 14, 2012

Medical Clinics Help Children in Poverty

Nearly 300 people received free medical check-ups and medications at mobile medical clinics conducted over the past two weeks in slum villages along the east coast of India. The children living in the extreme poverty were suffering from water-borne illnesses, ring worm and malnutrition. Children’s Hope donors provided for a doctor, nurse and medical supplies to treat women and children in these isolated communities where they do not have access to medical care.  

Monday, May 7, 2012

Safe Drinking Water Finally Flows for Suffering Community

Pumping out water for the first time Monday night,
villagers in India are thrilled to have safe drinking water.
The village of Injaram now has safe water to drink. A water well was drilled after this poor farming community’s local water source dried up in this year’s extreme heat and drought along the east coast of India. This is one of 12 wells bored so far this year by Children’s Hope International Foundation for people living in extreme poverty who are suffering from a polluted water supply.

Several women and children gathered at the well site after sunset Monday to watch the clear water gushing from the hand-pumped well. This gives the 1500 residents a much safer source of drinking water than the disease filled drainage pond where the villagers also bathe, wash their clothes, and water their farm animals.

Since the beginning of 2010, Children’s Hope International Foundation donors have completed 84 wells for slum villages in eastern India through Mission to the Nations. But there are still over 170 farming communities and fishing villages in the southern reaches of Andhra Pradesh that are on the waiting list for a new water well.

“The heads of many villages are approaching me almost everyday for help boring a water well for their village,” said Paparao Yeluchuri, Mission to the Nations Director.

The requests multiply as the drought lingers for this area around Kakinada. Because of the location near the Bay of Bengal, it only requires an inexpensive shallow well to deliver palatable water to hundreds of people. Each well costs $650.

“Now, with your compassionate help, the village people have safe drinking water”,
Yeluchuri said. 

The number of village children with water borne illnesses will lessen with the boring of water wells by Children’s Hope International Foundation.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Post-Surgical Care Home Expands for Chinese Orphans

Alenah’s Home in Beijing doubled in size. This doubles the number of Chinese orphans who will have a loving place to heal after surgery.

Construction of phase-2 at the Children’s Hope post-surgical orphan care home was completed this spring. Workers rehabbed the identical house next door and merged the two court yards.

This expanded area for Alenah’s Home will provide the space needed to care for over 30 children. Both ends, of the now complete Alenah’s Home, have bedrooms and therapy areas. The new extension will be used as boarding rooms for the care givers as well as bedrooms for short-term volunteers. Visiting professionals in Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy are always welcome.

Orphans recovering from surgery and their care givers moved into the first section of Alenah’s Home in June 2011.

The new section is still unfurnished. You can help buy the furniture needed to make this house a home.

Give to Alenah's Home in Beijing

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Slum Schools Educating Girls

Going to school was only a dream for 7-year-old Sai Lakshmi. Her mother died several years ago and soon after, her father left Sai Lakshmi with her grandmother. The two of them live in a small hut, with a thatched palm leaf roof, in a slum community of eastern India. The elderly grandmother begs in the streets for small change and collects food where she can to sustain the two of them. Buying a school uniform and books so that Sai Lakshmi could attend a government school was impossible. 
Sai Lakshmi waves goodbye to her grandmother
as she starts her walk to the slum school she attends

But one day, while queuing for a plate of warm food, along with dozens of other hungry children in her village, Sai Liakshmi met Paparao Yeluchuri, Children’s Hope partner in India. He talked to her in his respectful, loving way, and then she in turn sang him a song. He asked her to come and attend one of his 15 schools serving the lower caste children of Kakinada. Like hundreds of other children from similar backgrounds, Sai Lakshmi now attends classes in her new uniform. She is also provided quality teaching, books, and some days, lunch. Often it is her only meal of the day.

Nutrition is key to learning in the classroom for these children from the slums. Empty stomachs limit educational growth.

But in order to give one meal to each of his 5000 students all 220 days of the school year, it would cost Paparao, over $400,000.

Sai Lakshmi talking with her teacher at her
new school in the slums
You can help feed Sai Lakshmi and her classmates.
Provide lunch for the children:
$100   Feeds 1 student for school year
$500   Feeds 5 students for school year
$1000 Feeds 10 students for year.

Give now to deliver lunch to the children in the slum schools

Give now to pay for tuition and
teachers' salaries

Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby Food Prepared Fresh for Russian Orphans

The 40 toddlers and preschool children in the Ramensky Children’s Home will now have a more nutritious diet. A gift by one donor allowed this Russian orphanage to purchase and install a professional grade food processor in the orphanage kitchen in order to make puree for the young children with special needs. The orphanage chief doctor reports that most of the orphans are only able to eat minced, soft textured or pureed food. The staff of this orphanage in Russia “express their gratitude” for this new food processor.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Helping Families left Homeless by Massive Fire

Lined-up on a path of dirt mixed with ash, 130 people stood waiting their turn to see a doctor. These are some of the over 2000 people left homeless in Pallam, India, by a flash fire in their village one month ago. Children’s Hope donors provided for this mobile medical clinic and food distribution to help the 650 families who lost all they own.

Quickly after the flames raced from one thatched roof to another, relief workers arrived in this fishing village in East Godwari district of Andhra Pradesh. But Paparao Yeluchuri, Children’s Hope partner in India, says, “…slowly, one by one the help disappeared.”

But Paparao will continue to help. He says that the donations sent by Children’s Hope, will allow him to conduct two more mobile clinics and four feeding stations. Each pot of cooked food feeds nearly 120 hungry children and their parents.

Recovery will be slow in this poor community on the east coast of India, as their poverty deepened by the cruel flames.

“Kind regards to you all for all the compassionate help you have given to these fire victims. God bless you all,” Paparao said.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Ethiopia Orphans Benefit from New African online Store

Buy a cool shirt, bring aid to Ethiopian orphans.
Proceeds from purchases of “Hope Ethiopia” t-shirts will be contributed toward Children’s Hope International Foundation Ethiopia projects by, a new online store featuring African centered products. The big heart over Ethiopia on the t-shirt design is symbolic of the desire of Cindy Rohwedder, Baobab Haus Co-Founder and CEO, to help orphans from the country in which she adopted her son.   

“We brought home our son from Ethiopia in May of 2010, and have had a hard time finding things that he would actually want, like toys, and books,” Rohwedder said. “So our shop focuses on African adoption gifts and other African items.”

The $20 “Hope Ethiopia” t-shirt comes in men’s and youth sizes as well as a women’s V-neck design.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Santa Brought Smiles to HIV Orphans

Dozens of Santa’s tiny helpers made this year’s Christmas party extra festive at Linh Xuan Children Center (Tam Binh #2), in Ho Chi Minh City. Although Santa’s delivery of the photos was delayed by a couple of months, it is always fun to see these Vietnamese orphan children, who are living with the virus that causes AIDS, enjoying themselves at the annual event put on by Thuy Nguyen Thon Thi Diem, Children’s Hope good friend in Vietnam.

Friday, March 2, 2012

2000 People Left Homeless After Fire

Hundreds of villagers gather two days after a massive fire destroyed the village of Pallam
Local TV coverage of the fast moving fire
that consumed the village of Pallam 
A massive flash fire on Monday, left over 2000 people homeless in a poor fishing village on the east coast of India. More than 500 huts in Pallam were torched as flames quickly spread across the tightly packed thatched roofs of this East Godwari district community in Andhra Pradesh.

Mission to the Nations, Children’s Hope partner in India, has been asked to help provide aid to the thousands of people who lost all they own.

“I want to help these fire victims because everything like their clothes, huts, animals, their food, everything was totally burned,” wrote Paparao Yeluchuri in asking for Children’s Hope’s help.

With only a narrow road leading into the village that is surrounded by water on three sides, district firefighters were slowed in their battle against the flames. This amplified the property loss for a greater number of villagers.

Most all the residents of the poor fishing village
lost everything they own in the flash fire
Help Paparao Aid the Fire Victims
(type in additional designation- "Fire")

Children’s Hope International Foundation
India Fire Fund
11780 Borman Drive
St. Louis, MO 63146

Read More: Water wells and Schools in the Slums

Friday, February 17, 2012

Safe Water to Drink for Untouchables

With several quick pumps, sparkling, clear water came flowing out the spigot of their new community well. It was a moment of celebration for the mothers and their children in the Indian village of  SC Colony – Kovvada. The village of 1000 people on the Bay of Bengal is considered home to “untouchables”. An SC colony receives little attention or aid from society since they are from the bottom of all classes India.

This is the one of five wells bored in 2012. Since the beginning of 2010, Children’s Hope donors have completed 77 wells for villages in eastern India. There are still over 180 villages waiting for their turn at receiving a safe water well.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ethiopian Orphan Delivery

Baby at El Bethel sleeping under new bedding delivered by Children's Hope.
Ethiopian law prohibits us from showing orphan's full face.
Mahlet Girma (left) shows the
orphanage staff some of the new medical
supplies she brought them. 
In January, when Mahlet first visited El Bethel orphanage in Awassa, she saw first-hand how desperate the staff was for help. The seven orphans under their care were hungry and the orphanage had only a few toys that were visible. So ten days later, Mahlet Girma, Children’s Hope- Ethiopia Country Representative, loaded up a mini-van with supplies in Addis Ababa, for a six hour drive back to Awassa to make a delivery.

Using many in-kind donations from Children’s Hope families, Mahlet gave away new shoes, clothes, coloring books, medical supplies, bedding, carpet, and many cans of baby formula. Sharon Turner, Children’s Hope Ethiopia Program Director, accompanied Mahlet on the trip, and was amazed at the large amount of supplies.

“I couldn’t believe all of what she was pulling out of that van,” Sharon said. “Just when I thought she had finished, she would grab something else she had stowed away.”

Sharon remarked at how happy the children were to receive the coloring books and crayons. She said several of the kids appeared to have never used crayons before, and so they had to be shown how to color between the lines of a picture.

Funds from Children’s Hope International Foundation were also given to the orphanage to help with rent and wages for their nannies. It was a lot to pack in a mini-van, but Mahlet came through with a life changing delivery.

Read more about Ethiopia orphan aid projects you can help

Many of the supplies Children's Hope gave to the orphanage in Awassa
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