Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A New Life Stitched in Hope

Ramalakshmi’s dignity had been stolen from her years ago. It was the family trade. It was expected of her to provide for the family. She was trapped.

But Ramalakshmi found hope in a decision to follow Jesus.
Soon the 24-year-old Indian woman turned away from the life-style forced on her. This of course brought-on severe chastisement from her parents and relatives since she was no longer providing income. They kicked her out of the house. She no longer had value in their eyes.

With no way of making a living for herself, Ramalakshmi asked for guidance from Paparao Yeluchuri, Children’s Hope partner in India.  He suggested that she enroll in the free nine month sewing course he provides, so that she could be trained in an honorable, marketable skill. She took his advice and soon learned dozens of stitches and how to skillfully use a sewing machine to make women’s clothing and baby dresses.

Ramalakshimi proudly standing behind her new sewing machine
 with neighbors surrounding her.
(name is obscured for donor confidentially)
With this newly developed ability, Ramalakshmi was ready to set up a business in her village. But with no available sewing machines through Paparao’s ministry, and no money of her own to purchase one, she couldn’t move onto her new life. Not until this week.

Because of a Children’s Hope donor, Paparao was able to deliver to Ramalakshmi a brand new foot powered sewing machine.  All the neighbors gathered around as she started sewing.

“She can now confidently stand on her own,” Paparao proudly reports.

Ramalakshmi now has hope for a future that is not shrouded in shame. The training and sewing machine are life giving gifts.

You can give this same gift to a woman in India.
You Can Give a Sewing Machine, training and her business start-up materials right now.
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