Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Warming Chinese Orphans

Some of the 87 children at Red Ribbon Homestead orphanage
who received new reversible winter coats.
It doesn’t matter that it’s below freezing today outside the Red Ribbon Homestead; all 87 children living at the orphanage have brand new winter coats thanks to you. Partners in Hope for China monthly donations are giving comfort exclusively to orphans at the Red Ribbon Homestead in southern Henan Province. This is an orphanage for elementary school age children whose parents died of AIDS.

This autumn, before temperatures dropped, 42 children moved to another orphanage for middle school and high school age orphans, while 42 new children replaced them at Red Ribbon Homestead. Most of these new orphans didn’t have much clothing and definitely didn’t own a coat.

So using Partners in Hope funding, Children’s Hope-China purchased and delivered 87 coats to all the children of Red Ribbon Homestead. The newer children also received new socks and underwear along with their new coat.

The Children’s Hope Henan staff reports, “The children are all happy to receive the gifts, they asked us to say thanks to the friends from US who helped them.”

You can be a Partner in Hope

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