Friday, February 17, 2012

Safe Water to Drink for Untouchables

With several quick pumps, sparkling, clear water came flowing out the spigot of their new community well. It was a moment of celebration for the mothers and their children in the Indian village of  SC Colony – Kovvada. The village of 1000 people on the Bay of Bengal is considered home to “untouchables”. An SC colony receives little attention or aid from society since they are from the bottom of all classes India.

This is the one of five wells bored in 2012. Since the beginning of 2010, Children’s Hope donors have completed 77 wells for villages in eastern India. There are still over 180 villages waiting for their turn at receiving a safe water well.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ethiopian Orphan Delivery

Baby at El Bethel sleeping under new bedding delivered by Children's Hope.
Ethiopian law prohibits us from showing orphan's full face.
Mahlet Girma (left) shows the
orphanage staff some of the new medical
supplies she brought them. 
In January, when Mahlet first visited El Bethel orphanage in Awassa, she saw first-hand how desperate the staff was for help. The seven orphans under their care were hungry and the orphanage had only a few toys that were visible. So ten days later, Mahlet Girma, Children’s Hope- Ethiopia Country Representative, loaded up a mini-van with supplies in Addis Ababa, for a six hour drive back to Awassa to make a delivery.

Using many in-kind donations from Children’s Hope families, Mahlet gave away new shoes, clothes, coloring books, medical supplies, bedding, carpet, and many cans of baby formula. Sharon Turner, Children’s Hope Ethiopia Program Director, accompanied Mahlet on the trip, and was amazed at the large amount of supplies.

“I couldn’t believe all of what she was pulling out of that van,” Sharon said. “Just when I thought she had finished, she would grab something else she had stowed away.”

Sharon remarked at how happy the children were to receive the coloring books and crayons. She said several of the kids appeared to have never used crayons before, and so they had to be shown how to color between the lines of a picture.

Funds from Children’s Hope International Foundation were also given to the orphanage to help with rent and wages for their nannies. It was a lot to pack in a mini-van, but Mahlet came through with a life changing delivery.

Read more about Ethiopia orphan aid projects you can help

Many of the supplies Children's Hope gave to the orphanage in Awassa

Friday, February 3, 2012

Text Books for Tet

Vinh Long girls clowning around in the classroom during their Tet celebration

It wasn’t the candy or clothes they were expecting on Tet, but elementary students in Vinh Long Vietnam, got excited nonetheless. Nearly 4,000 notebooks and 7,000 pens were part of the school supplies given as a Tet present to the 180 children from poor farming families.

The children are always happy to experience the love and care given them by the Children’s Hope - Partners in Hope for Vietnam. Thuy Nguyen Thon Thi Diem, Children’s Hope- Vietnam, says that Partner’s nutritional and tuition support through the year is proof to these children, that they are not alone in their hope for an education that lifts them out of poverty.

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