Friday, March 2, 2012

2000 People Left Homeless After Fire

Hundreds of villagers gather two days after a massive fire destroyed the village of Pallam
Local TV coverage of the fast moving fire
that consumed the village of Pallam 
A massive flash fire on Monday, left over 2000 people homeless in a poor fishing village on the east coast of India. More than 500 huts in Pallam were torched as flames quickly spread across the tightly packed thatched roofs of this East Godwari district community in Andhra Pradesh.

Mission to the Nations, Children’s Hope partner in India, has been asked to help provide aid to the thousands of people who lost all they own.

“I want to help these fire victims because everything like their clothes, huts, animals, their food, everything was totally burned,” wrote Paparao Yeluchuri in asking for Children’s Hope’s help.

With only a narrow road leading into the village that is surrounded by water on three sides, district firefighters were slowed in their battle against the flames. This amplified the property loss for a greater number of villagers.

Most all the residents of the poor fishing village
lost everything they own in the flash fire
Help Paparao Aid the Fire Victims
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Children’s Hope International Foundation
India Fire Fund
11780 Borman Drive
St. Louis, MO 63146

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