Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Post-Surgical Care Home Expands for Chinese Orphans

Alenah’s Home in Beijing doubled in size. This doubles the number of Chinese orphans who will have a loving place to heal after surgery.

Construction of phase-2 at the Children’s Hope post-surgical orphan care home was completed this spring. Workers rehabbed the identical house next door and merged the two court yards.

This expanded area for Alenah’s Home will provide the space needed to care for over 30 children. Both ends, of the now complete Alenah’s Home, have bedrooms and therapy areas. The new extension will be used as boarding rooms for the care givers as well as bedrooms for short-term volunteers. Visiting professionals in Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy are always welcome.

Orphans recovering from surgery and their care givers moved into the first section of Alenah’s Home in June 2011.

The new section is still unfurnished. You can help buy the furniture needed to make this house a home.

Give to Alenah's Home in Beijing

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Slum Schools Educating Girls

Going to school was only a dream for 7-year-old Sai Lakshmi. Her mother died several years ago and soon after, her father left Sai Lakshmi with her grandmother. The two of them live in a small hut, with a thatched palm leaf roof, in a slum community of eastern India. The elderly grandmother begs in the streets for small change and collects food where she can to sustain the two of them. Buying a school uniform and books so that Sai Lakshmi could attend a government school was impossible. 
Sai Lakshmi waves goodbye to her grandmother
as she starts her walk to the slum school she attends

But one day, while queuing for a plate of warm food, along with dozens of other hungry children in her village, Sai Liakshmi met Paparao Yeluchuri, Children’s Hope partner in India. He talked to her in his respectful, loving way, and then she in turn sang him a song. He asked her to come and attend one of his 15 schools serving the lower caste children of Kakinada. Like hundreds of other children from similar backgrounds, Sai Lakshmi now attends classes in her new uniform. She is also provided quality teaching, books, and some days, lunch. Often it is her only meal of the day.

Nutrition is key to learning in the classroom for these children from the slums. Empty stomachs limit educational growth.

But in order to give one meal to each of his 5000 students all 220 days of the school year, it would cost Paparao, over $400,000.

Sai Lakshmi talking with her teacher at her
new school in the slums
You can help feed Sai Lakshmi and her classmates.
Provide lunch for the children:
$100   Feeds 1 student for school year
$500   Feeds 5 students for school year
$1000 Feeds 10 students for year.

Give now to deliver lunch to the children in the slum schools

Give now to pay for tuition and
teachers' salaries

Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby Food Prepared Fresh for Russian Orphans

The 40 toddlers and preschool children in the Ramensky Children’s Home will now have a more nutritious diet. A gift by one donor allowed this Russian orphanage to purchase and install a professional grade food processor in the orphanage kitchen in order to make puree for the young children with special needs. The orphanage chief doctor reports that most of the orphans are only able to eat minced, soft textured or pureed food. The staff of this orphanage in Russia “express their gratitude” for this new food processor.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Helping Families left Homeless by Massive Fire

Lined-up on a path of dirt mixed with ash, 130 people stood waiting their turn to see a doctor. These are some of the over 2000 people left homeless in Pallam, India, by a flash fire in their village one month ago. Children’s Hope donors provided for this mobile medical clinic and food distribution to help the 650 families who lost all they own.

Quickly after the flames raced from one thatched roof to another, relief workers arrived in this fishing village in East Godwari district of Andhra Pradesh. But Paparao Yeluchuri, Children’s Hope partner in India, says, “…slowly, one by one the help disappeared.”

But Paparao will continue to help. He says that the donations sent by Children’s Hope, will allow him to conduct two more mobile clinics and four feeding stations. Each pot of cooked food feeds nearly 120 hungry children and their parents.

Recovery will be slow in this poor community on the east coast of India, as their poverty deepened by the cruel flames.

“Kind regards to you all for all the compassionate help you have given to these fire victims. God bless you all,” Paparao said.

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