Monday, May 7, 2012

Safe Drinking Water Finally Flows for Suffering Community

Pumping out water for the first time Monday night,
villagers in India are thrilled to have safe drinking water.
The village of Injaram now has safe water to drink. A water well was drilled after this poor farming community’s local water source dried up in this year’s extreme heat and drought along the east coast of India. This is one of 12 wells bored so far this year by Children’s Hope International Foundation for people living in extreme poverty who are suffering from a polluted water supply.

Several women and children gathered at the well site after sunset Monday to watch the clear water gushing from the hand-pumped well. This gives the 1500 residents a much safer source of drinking water than the disease filled drainage pond where the villagers also bathe, wash their clothes, and water their farm animals.

Since the beginning of 2010, Children’s Hope International Foundation donors have completed 84 wells for slum villages in eastern India through Mission to the Nations. But there are still over 170 farming communities and fishing villages in the southern reaches of Andhra Pradesh that are on the waiting list for a new water well.

“The heads of many villages are approaching me almost everyday for help boring a water well for their village,” said Paparao Yeluchuri, Mission to the Nations Director.

The requests multiply as the drought lingers for this area around Kakinada. Because of the location near the Bay of Bengal, it only requires an inexpensive shallow well to deliver palatable water to hundreds of people. Each well costs $650.

“Now, with your compassionate help, the village people have safe drinking water”,
Yeluchuri said. 

The number of village children with water borne illnesses will lessen with the boring of water wells by Children’s Hope International Foundation.
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