Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Badly Burned Chinese Girl Returns to US for Additional Surgery

Haodi, and her mother in the Beijing, prior to
boarding their flight to Boston for additional surgery
on her severe burns.

Children’s Hope International helped the family from China receive treatment at Shriners in Boston.

For the fourth time in six years, Zhengwei Sheng,7, has flown from Beijing, China to Boston for treatment of extensive burns at Shriners Hospital.  Today will be her fourth round of surgeries on her severely scalded upper torso and face. When Zhengwei, called Haodi, was 1 year old, a pot of boiling noodles poured down over her head. Because of improper medical treatment in her rural area of China, her chin eventually fused to her chest.

In 2007, as the scarring became life threatening, Children’s Hope International provided travel to the United States for Haodi and her mother to receive the free world class burn treatment at Shriners.

During her months of care, dozens of Chinese-Americans in Boston embraced Haodi and her mother with loving kindness - providing host homes and prayerful support during surgeries.

The operations since her initial treatment are required to release the reconstructed tissue so that she can breathe easier with less constriction on her throat and chest. This round of surgery and therapy will be completed in about one month.

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