Friday, August 10, 2012

Feeding Orphaned Babies

Ethiopian orphanage nanny feeding baby with formula
donated by
Children's Hope International Foundation
The Children’s Hope – Ethiopia staff has distributed this year, over 500 cans (14oz) of powdered baby formula to needy orphanages. Each can makes about 100 ounces of high nutrition liquid formula. That is enough to feed one baby for almost a week.

So baby formula donations to Children’s Hope helped feed over 50 African orphans for nearly ten weeks (500 cans x 1 can that feeds 1 child for 1 week). Without financial help, most Ethiopian orphanages cannot afford to feed the babies what they need for proper growth.

Baby formula is the number one request from orphanage directors, so it is good to know that this baby formula helped increase the nutritional intake of many orphaned babies.

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