Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Home Provides Medical Care to Save Chinese Orphans

Nearly two dozen orphan babies in the past six months have arrived at the Four Sister’s Home of Love in Pingdingshan China. Orphanages located near this northern Henan province city bring sick orphaned children to the Home of Love for care the orphanages cannot provide. The four biological sisters who turned there two story town home into a critical care home for orphans, give the children intensive nursing care.

One of those children is Xiao Qi, who had postoperative intestinal diseases when he was abandoned on July 21. When he arrived at the “Home of Love” from the orphanage, he was immediately sent to Shanghai Fudan University Affiliated Children's Hospital for an abdominal fistulation. Now Xiao Qi is in stable condition and again under the care of nurses at the Four Sisters’ Home of Love. He will remain at the Four Sisters’ until he has completed the additional surgery he needs to entirely correct his medical issues.

Children’s Hope has provided financial assistance to the Home of Love for the past two years. If you would like to help the four sisters provide this vital service to medically fragile orphans, you can Give Now.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sustainable Farm Feeds Students

Ethiopian children at Bright Hope School showing off their hard-boiled eggs
Every school day, the poorest of the poor children at Bright Hope Elementary School are fed lunch. Over 200 students have nothing to eat unless lunch is provided. For years, the school staff would donate some of their food to the kids. Now the school's farm provides a harvest from the vegetable crops and laying house to feed the kids. On this day, the meal is hard boiled eggs and cooked cabbage over rice.

Read More: Bright Hope School Farm Project Ethiopia
You can give to the Bright Hope School Farm

Friday, October 5, 2012

Africa School Farm

One of the workers in the laying house at Ethiopia's Bright Hope School,
holds up a tray of newly harvested eggs.

The chickens at the Bright Hope School farm are back to full production. Over 300 laying hens are producing a daily harvest of hundreds of eggs that can be sold or used in meals for the poorest students at the school.

This new hen flock arrived in late spring. With a few weeks to mature, the hens started laying eggs in August.

The farm project on the school's 13 acres began in 2009, when a water well was drilled on the school grounds. Since then, several seasons of vegetable crops have been harvested and the laying house is now on its second flock of hens.

Read more about Bright Hope School in Ethiopia

Give to the Bright Hope School Farm Project

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